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10 Ways to Avoid Being Scammed

Do you wish to keep your cash out of the hands of the criminals and ensure that you do not get scammed? Here are some of the ways you can do that.

1. Cut Off Communications. 

If you ever come across an offer that is too good to be true, the chances are that yes indeed the offer is too good to be true so it is advised by EZChargeback to end all forms of communication with them as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of being scammed. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The concept that you will never know unless you ask about it is very much applicable here as questions can help you better understand and distinguish whether this is a scam or not. Especially since the methods of scamming are becoming more realistic day by day. As you are the one investing your hard-earned money into something, you hold complete rights to question the legitimacy first. 

3. Familiarize Yourself With Their Tactics.

A scam may advance in many ways but they always seem to have some common characteristics including the lack of information of course. Some of these would be scammers asking for your personal or financial information, they might even try to pressurize you with their sales tactics and irresistible offers.

4. Reach Out and Initiate Contact Yourself

Another great way you can protect yourself is by being proactive and reaching out to companies yourself. By gaining knowledge about their on-going promotions and plans you are much more aware of what is actually going on in the market. This helps you to pinpoint suspicious activity and scams instantly.

5. Do Not Disclose Your Information

When it comes to scams, you have a lot more to lose than just some money as there are so many other ways in which a scammer can mis-use your information. EZChargeback always advises that you make sure to stay safe and not to disclose any of your personal information as your personal and financial information can be used to commit identity frauds. This especially happens as naïve people are willingly sharing their sensitive data such as their bank and PIN details or worse of all, their social security number.  It is important for an individual to know when it is okay to share their personal information and when it is important to keep their information private.

6. Make Sure You Are Safely Surfing The Internet

One of the most important things that people do not understand is that when new technology is introduced, it can not only be used in a positive manner and there will be people who will take advantage of that technology to mis-use it. So there is no secret that scammers also love technological advancements. One of the most common ways of capturing an individual’s personal and financial information is with the help of malware for these scammers due to which it is important that you use a firewall to protect your wireless network.

7. Keep a Check on Your Financial Statements 

You may not even be able to know when and how you were trapped in this scam but you will soon end up spotting the problem if you regularly check up on your financial statements. Instantly reporting the problem can help you figure out the situation and prevent any further damage. It is also recommended that you order the free credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax each time to ensure and cross check that your good name Is defended. Another dead give-away that you have fallen prey to a scam is that there is a notable increase in calls, emails and other conjurations.  

8. Stay Informed

Are you sure that you are aware of the scams that are taking place in your area? Another important question is that Do you know how you can help prevent these frauds and identity thefts done by the scammer. In addition to breaking news, websites likeScambusters.org, The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre all keep checks on the latest cons and offer tips for prevention. You can also find alerts and information on company websites like your bank’s online service.  

However, one of the most common ways people fall for scams is emails as individuals fail to understand that financial institutions do not generally email customers  in-case there is a problem  instead they are supposed to call or post a fraud alert on their website. 

9. Help Others

As previously discussed that you may not fully be aware of the scams that are going on in your area, it is advised by EZChargeback that you not only worry about protecting your own self but also the people around you.

10. Report it

Lastly, we come upon one of the most important steps- Reporting the scam. You must contact your financial institutions in-case your personal and financial information is compromised.

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