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5 Best Bitcoin Exchanges That Are Accessible In USA

.Every newbie trader must know about the best Bitcoin exchanges before starting their crypto trading journey. As finding the best-suited crypto exchange is not just benefiting but also a necessity. A suitable Bitcoin exchange that aligns with your trading needs can have a huge impact on your trading portfolio. However, with the popularity of crypto trading new trading platforms are being introduced within the market day by day which makes it even harder for a user to distinguish the right Bitcoin exchange for themselves.

Therefore, this list of best Bitcoin exchanges that are available in the USA can help you learn all about your potential options in the region.

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Top US Bitcoin Exchanges to Know About

Here mentioned are the best Bitcoin exchanges to trade digital assets for 2022.

  • US (cheap fee structure)
  • CoinCorner (easy to use)
  • Coinbase

Binance.US (Cheap Fee Structure)

Binance is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges of all times and if you want to make a good fortune out of crypto trading then it can be the best pick for you. The exchange has been strived to be one of the best Bitcoin exchanges by offering quality tradeable products, deep liquidity, exemplary user experience and a competitive fee structure. Moreover, there is a vast selection of various cryptocurrencies available on this exchange which means that you can choose the asset of your liking or whatever matches your budget.

As compared to other early exchanges like Coinbase, Binance is new to the market but still it has established a good reputation and has tons of liquidity and trading volume on daily basis. Binance also has managed to maintain 4-star rating on various platforms as its mobile or desktop app is phenomenal. Users can access their accounts and trade anywhere and anytime without any trouble or worrying about security breaches. The exchange is completely safe because Binance has strong security protocols in place to safeguard user funds.

So, if you are a new trader then this is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges to get started with because of its completive fee model. The exchange does not charge its users a hidden fee as it has a very upright trading fee model that is explained on its official website. Additionally, users can also get discounts for trading with Binance local cryptocurrency known as BNB.

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In the crypto market, CoinCorner is the fastest Bitcoin exchange that traders have ever come across. However, this trading platform is a bit of a Bitcoin-oriented platform which means that users have few options when it comes to choosing a crypto asset for making a trade.

The best thing about the crypto trading exchange is that the process for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin is speedy and easy. Just like other exchanges, CoinCorner also charges its users a specific fee for making a trade. If the user makes a transaction by using their credit or debit card, then the fee ranges from 2.5% or 3.2%.

Finally, this Bitcoin exchange is best suited for the user who needs to purchase or sell Bitcoin solely instead of trading with other digital assets like Ethereum, Cardano, and Litcoin.


Another prized addition to this list of Bitcoin exchanges. It is Coinbase as it is one of the earliest crypto exchanges in the market. The exchange is well known for its value-added trading services and user experience. The exchange has two separate versions designed according to user experience level namely Coinbase Standard and Coinbase Pro.

With Coinbase Pro, advanced users can enjoy the benefits of advanced and complex trading options like futures trading. Whereas Coinbase standard caters to the needs of new traders who just have started their crypto trading journey. The exchange also has some interesting and compelling passive income programs like staking and Coinbase Earn. Both these programs allow users to make a respectable number of rewards without any hands-on experience. The best thing about this Bitcoin exchange is that it is completely safe. As it implements strict security policies. Always protect user funds and digital transactions.


There is no doubt that it is easy to get started on any of the above-mentioned US Bitcoin exchanges. Just be sure to pick the exchange that aligns with your trading needs. Moreover, it is imperative for you to pick a good trading strategy. And stick with it over time to reach your trading goals. Crypto trading is not as simple as it seems. You need some background knowledge and some experience to start investing and trading. That offer free demo or trial modes so that they can attain some knowledge before starting to trade for real.

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