3 Things You Need To Know About The Short Term Accommodation And Respite Under The NDIS

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Short term accommodation services are usually meant for short periods when disabled people want to spend some time away from their homes. Short Term Accommodation by NDIS allows regular caretakers to take a short break from caring for their disabled patients during this period and allow the disabled members to try new things during this time.

The short stay can be for many purposes, and people usually take them for the following reasons:

  1. To expand their horizons and try new things.
  2. Make new friends who share the same interests and hobbies and cultivate new skills or find a new passion worth striving for.
  3. To give informal supporters a break from all their caring roles towards the member for a short period.

What Are The Various Services Included In Short Term Accommodation:

Short Term Accommodation by NDIS mostly includes:

  1. Providing assistance with personal care and a helping hand with grooming or basic hygiene routines. It’s not easy for disabled people to carry out activities to maintain their health and well-being, and the programme assists them in doing so.
  2. The programme also offers accommodation with various layouts that suit the preferences of the disabled member. They can tweak or customise rooms as they see fit and even pick from a selection of villas, apartments or shared housing.
  3. The programme also offers food and refreshments according to the diet preferences of the members. Those who prefer a special diet must take it up with the coordinators.
  4. Members can look forward to various activities and entertainment sessions agreed upon beforehand by both the disabled members and their providers. Members have all the right not to participate in any event if they find it uncomfortable or not up to their tastes.

Most short term accommodation services are funded for 28 days, where members can take it whole, split it up by blocks or enjoy it in a single weekend every month. Prices and rates may differ, and applicants can check the pricing arrangements, which may vary according to personal preferences and current demands.

Getting The STA Services In The Current Plan:

Disabled Australians who want to apply for the services of the STA under their current NDIS plan can do so by doing the following:

  1. They can apply for a change of plan through the official NDIS website.
  2. Members can talk to their local coordinators and representatives in the area or get in touch with an NDIS support official and fix up a new plan or ask for a change of plan.
  3. Members must understand that they cannot use the services of the STA if they are in a housing crisis. Funding is only given when the need is directly related to the person’s disability or illness. Exceptions can be made if the members are at risk of harm in their homes or their carers can’t support them anymore.

Various factors affect the NDIS’s decisions regarding Short Term Accommodation:

  1. The need for STA must always be related to the disability that the members have, and no other problem or issue will be given equal importance.
  2. STA will be granted if it helps members pursue their goals or allows them to participate more in the community.
  3. The money and support the members have from their friends and family will also be considered.
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