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Figures of 2022 show balance in the housing market

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The latest mortgage approval figures show relatively unchanged demand in the market, which brokers welcome. According to the latest data available from the Bank of England, 66,964 mortgages were approved for home purchases in November. This is almost the same as the previous month. Jeremy Reef, a realtor in northern London and former chairman of the RICS contemporary apartment provides insight. He says the permit shows close to the pre-Covid average. He states: Of course, buyers and sellers shake off the stamp duty loss and start a business in the New Year. Then they will find a fairly similar pattern in the office. This will be done especially as supply and demand are getting closer and closer.

And, PropTech entrepreneur and long-time market analyst Anthony Codling behind Twindig provided some insight. When it comes to movement, macroeconomic events may not influence household decisions as we think. Inflation and Covid concerns are secondary if you change jobs or your family goes beyond your current home. If you need to move, you usually do.

Local Agencies and Debt Reschedules

Meanwhile, the debt reschedules approvals increased from 42,000 in October to 44,500 in November. Mark Harris, CEO of SPF Private Client, provided insight. “Debt reschedules expected to increase significantly this year as more people drop out of existing mortgage transactions due to the looming interest rate hikes,” he continues. So, the market for houses for sale in London is coming back.

This week, local agencies opened a new 8,500-square-foot office, promising to expand and hire 100 people to fill a new workplace. Real estate company Miles & Barr already employs 250 people spread across East Kent offices. Specifically, there are 70 companies at Hahn Bay headquarters. However, there is room for 30 more. The company is committed to expanding its sales, leasing, financial services, commerce, land, and new construction businesses with additional staff. Board Chairman Mark Brooks gave his insights. “The company’s plans inevitably relocated to the newly expanded headquarters, so we are actively looking for new offices outside of our current geographic area.”

The facility has its own. There is a large kitchen with a training room, a meeting room, several meeting rooms, a bistro dining area, and a garden area.

Billionaires take advantage of prime London’s Covid price falls

The appeal of Prime Central London to millions and millionaires seems to have increased during the pandemic. According to luxury agency Beauchamp Estates, sales of Covid-32 in 2021 totaled 49 luxury homes for more than £ 15 million compared to 17 in 2020. The number of assets that millionaires have enjoyed in the last 12 months, coupled with the availability of a very lucrative and interest-bearing “billionaire mortgage.” The deal is that ultra-wealthy buyers are looking for a London mansion with 10,000 sq ft or more living space. The space would cover possibly 30,000 sq ft or more with a garden, 6,000 sq ft plus a penthouse with a dedicated roof terrace. According to a survey by Beauchamp Estates, 49 PCL homes with prices over 15 million between January 2020 and December 2021.

Over the last two years, London’s most extensive real estate transactions averaged £ 3,221 per square foot, hitting a record high of £ 11,000 in 2021.

As of early 2020, zip code SW1 (Belgravia, followed by Knightsbridge) was the top address for London’s super-prime sales in 14 transactions, followed by zip code W1 (Mayfair) in 10 transactions.

Billionaire Spendings

Beauchamp sold $ 21 million. According to Beauchamp Estates, the top super-prime buyers by country of origin are Chinese Billionaires, followed by India. Those were then followed by American Billionaire, Russian, and British native buyers. Other significant buyers are millions of people from Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, and other mineral-rich countries). The agency adds that the relatively low-interest rates in the UK have allowed something big. Over the past two years, most of London’s super-prime real estate transactions have been carried out on “Billionaire” asset-backed mortgages.

When using other assets or company stock as collateral, these mortgages are usually 30-year interest-bearing mortgages. They come with a preferred interest rate of 2.5% and often up to 100% of the property’s value. Luxury properties like McLaren properties have a bright future.

These terms mean that you do not have to repay your mortgage unless your home is sold in the market. The same goes with cases where you inherited your property. You can get an equivalent loan for the next generation. The billionaires can use the saved money for other investment opportunities.


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