4 Bunk Bed Designs For Your Kids’ Bedroom

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Bunk beds are the most popular bed design for a kids’ room. This bed design is compact and utilizes the vertical space of the room, saving the floor for the kids to play and use for other purposes. Bunk beds can easily fit two to three children in the space of a single bed. This compactness makes them the favorite design among parents and kids all around the world.

Within bunk beds, you can find a variety of designs that come with distinct features. If you are considering bedroom renovation for your kids, buy bunk beds online. But first, read this article to help you decide which design would work the best for your house.

1.      Two-in-One Bunk Bed

The classic two-in-one bunk bed can never disappoint you. Two single beds placed in two tiers can help you save space for a single bed in your kid’s bedroom. We all know how room sharing can become difficult for kids, as each has different activities, toys, and other stuff to keep in the bedroom. You can save your children some floor space by getting them two-in-one bunk beds. The good thing about this design is that you can always separate the two beds once your kids have outgrown the sharing period. You can use each as a single independent bed.

2.      Loft Bed With Tables And Benches

A loft bed with tables and benches is a perfect solution to your space problems. If you live in a house that has freakishly small rooms, you can utilize the bedroom’s space effectively with this sleek design. The loft bed has a bed on the top, while the bottom portion has a center table and side benches. During the day, when your kids are not sleeping, they can use the seating space to do their homework. At night, these tables and benches can be folded to form the bed. The cushions on the benches will make the mattress. The drawers below the benches provide enough space for your kids to store spare blankets, toys, and other stuff.

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3.      Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk bed designs are here to solve your problem with three kids. If you have always been struggling to find a good bunk bed that can accommodate three kids, now you have a design available in the market. The upper bed allows a single person’s sleeping space, whereas two kids can comfortably sleep in the lower deck. This simple design can save you from the worries of finding space for your third kid.

4.      Bunk Bed With Storage Staircase

Lastly, bunk beds with unique storage designs can help you solve storage problems as well. If your kid’s cupboard is full, and you can not find the right place to store toys of each kid separately,  then the storage compartments smartly designed in the bed’s staircase can solve your problem. This design is not only attractive but also a cost-effective solution to storage problems as well.

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