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5 Best UK Mail Forwarding Services In 2022

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Mail forwarding services have been around for years in the UK. However, the last ten years have seen a significant step forward in how they function. You can use virtual addresses to get your mail ready to forward.

You may be wondering why mail forwarding services are such a big deal if you’re an entrepreneur. Well, starting an establishment is challenging. There are countless requirements you should fulfill to ensure that it holds together.

The biggest hurdle you should jump is to attract clients and win their trust so they can finance your services or products. And to keep interacting with them. A business mail forwarding UK can help.

It can offer that business mail address to improve your relationship with your clients. Please note that not every mail forwarding service is ideal. Keep reading to know the best ones.

What Exactly is a Mail Forwarding Service?

A mail forwarding service is a third-party provider that helps you manage your post. Once you sign up and provide some essential information, the service will give you an address. You can use this address for your business or personal purposes.

The provider will manage and store all your letters and parcels until you’re ready to collect them. And then, you can ask the provider to forward your post to your current address.

Most mail forwarding services let you use their addresses as registered business addresses. It’s a fantastic way to start and run a company without renting office space. You can even use the service when you’re moving house to ensure a smooth transition for your post.

Who Uses It?

Most of its users are people who prefer keeping things private and company owners seeking a flexible contact address to communicate with their partners, clients, and other vital individuals in the enterprise.

Other common users are:

  • Home business owners
  • Business travelers
  • Digital nomads
  • Privacy guards
  • College students

How Mail Forwarding Works

You must have a physical, commercial address that you’ll use as your business address to get a mailing address. The mail forwarding address will provide this. You can give your business partners or investors that business address rather than your home address.

The organization lets you know about the request to have the mail forwarded to you once your mail arrives at its location. A quality mail forwarding bureau offers extra services like:

  • Recycling
  • Scanning
  • Archiving
  • Shredding

Best British Mail Forwarding Services in 2022

The following are top UK mail forwarding services that you should pick for seamless mail forwarding this year:

Your Company Formations

Your Company Formations is a top agency formation company in the UK. Aside from company formation, the bureau also offers mail forwarding services. You can use their Your Company Formations prestigious address to get business correspondence at their London address. They will then forward the mail to the address you pick.

You’re guaranteed customer confidence with their mail forwarding services as a reliable team handles their address service.


The service offers plenty of fantastic offers. Some of them are:

  • A unique photo service lets you view your packages’ pictures in full size as soon as they arrive.
  • Your very own UK street address.
  • Parcel consolidation and repackaging for when you get several packages that you should combine into one shipment.
  • Online mailbox handling with pictures of your parcels and their volumetric and real mass.
  • A scan and email service for any file that comes with your package.

It offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Standard

      3  .ExPost

Every business or private virtual mailbox at this service has free mail forwarding, a UK street address, and up to five users for each account. The service sorts, preserves, and registers all mail that arrives in your virtual mailbox so you can decide how and when you’d like it to physically forward your mail or scan it.

ExPost strives to find the most affordable courier alternative when forwarding parcels with more than 2 kg mass, including deconsolidating more massive packages into tinier ones to lessen the charge.

     4. UKPostBox

This service permits you to select from prime London street addresses or free PO Box addresses in major UK cities, combined with a virtual address. This lets you log in and see, read, and forward each article of mail relayed to your selected address or addresses individually.

It offers four price plans:

  • Premier
  • Pay as you go
  • Standard
  • Lite

          5. PostCentral

It provides a pay-as-you-go mail address service, giving clients an original UK street address in London. It customizes its service to suit your preference. Plus, it only acts as per your guidelines on how you’d like your post to be managed, including:

  • Holding post
  • Opening documents
  • Emailing documents
  • Scanning documents

It categorizes its payment plans into three:

  • The lower payment plan: it covers thirty pieces of mail and goes for 30 pounds each year.
  • The medium plan: it covers a hundred pieces of mail and costs 60 pounds every year.
  • The high plan: it covers at least three hundred pieces of mail and costs 120 pounds per year.


Mail forwarding is an essential component of business growth and stability. That’s why you should pick the best UK mail forwarding service this year for yours. The picks above are some of the best on the market. Try any of them today and experience mail forwarding on a whole new level.

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