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5 Fast And Easy Ways To Send Money Anywhere

In today’s times, transferring funds is as easy as the tap of a button. Easily put money at your friend’s fingertips by using an easy and instant way of sending money. You have plenty of options to virtually send money wherever you need it delivered.

Western Union

Western Union is a reliable resource for sending money to another person. This platform offers brick-and-mortar locations in addition to a virtual app. Visit a retail location and provide the details of the recipient. They are then able to retrieve the funds at a physical location nearest them. Alternatively, you may transfer funds through the app. As an added bonus, Western Union supports several types of currencies.

Cash App

This app has been on the rise because of how straightforward the app is. You have the option to add money to your cash app account through a linked bank account. If not, simply store money on your cash app account only. There is the option to order a free customizable debit card to be sent in the mail. You are able to send money to anyone else with a free registered account. There are also added bonus investment options through the app. Search for another person’s unique “cashtag” to send and receive money. The transactions happen instantly at no additional cost.


Through Venmo, you can instantly send money to others on the platform. Split the bill or request a payment from a friend. You have the option to order a Venmo Credit Card and earn cashback on certain purchases. Anyone new to cryptocurrency can get a simple start on Venmo. Search your contacts for a friend to exchange money with through their username, phone number, or email address. The money is instantly deducted from your Venmo balance. You can easily replenish this balance by linking a bank account or credit card.


Once you create an account, PayPal provides the opportunity to create a mobile wallet. Here, you can securely store banking information for your other credit or debit cards. Use this account to make online payments without entering sensitive information. Move money to your PayPal account from a linked bank account to send it to anyone else with a registered PayPal account. PayPal offers other services as well such as exclusive deals and coupons at specific merchants.


Through Zelle, make online contactless payments, and transfer money to and from your friends. You are able to instantly add money to a linked bank account. Zelle is unique because of its ability to work through your bank account. You are able to send funds to friends and family even if they bank somewhere different than you. Use your own banking app to still make the exchange.

There are several options to meet anyone’s needs when making money transfers. Most of the time, all you need is an account registered to an email address and/or phone number. Be mindful of small fees that may be incurred. Typically, making a deposit to a bank account requires a small fee as opposed to waiting a few business days to receive the funds.

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