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5 Irresistible Features of Kratom Capsules in Maine

Capsules are pills that you swallow and, in the case of Kratom, are saved from its bitter taste. When we talk of ‘pills,’ images of big, hard tablets come to mind. If accidentally, your tongue comes in contact with the tablets, we don’t blame you if you give the weirdest expression due to the bitter taste! 

But hey, Kratom capsules in Maine are different. These aren’t your regular tablets. Moreover, they look beautiful too. Bring home a pack of capsules such as Super Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules and you will know. The greenish powder all packed in a translucent gelatin wrapping looks appealing, unlike the tablets. 

Salient features of kratom capsules

  • Kratom capsules are prepared from soft (sometimes hard) gelatin material, which is converted into a thin shell in which kratom powder is filled in a particular dose. 
  • Unlike other tablets, capsules of Kratom contain no additives or binding agents to hold the powder together. This means the capsules contain pure kratom, provided you get them from a licensed Maine kratom vendor.
  • The gelatin coating of the capsules makes it easier for you to swallow them, as they smoothly “slip” inside your throat. This is unlike tablets that may, at times, “stick” to your throat, giving you an awful experience. 
  • Gelatin coating is easy to digest and does not harm the stomach lining, liver, and kidneys, unlike tablets that are usually said to harm these organs and so doctors advise taking them with food. In the case of kratom, you can take the capsules on an empty stomach. 
  • Kratom capsules are tasteless, unlike tablets, which exude a “medicine-like” taste and smell when you take them. 

Some users reported discomfort in their stomach after taking capsules. In this case, you may be intolerant to the gelatin material, or maybe kratom itself. Discontinue using the capsule and try kratom as powder form. This will ensure you whether you are intolerant to the gelatin or kratom.

Taking kratom as you like

When it comes to kratom, different users have different preferences. Some like it in powder form, some as capsules, while some drink it as tea. You can easily get kratom in any form you want from a certified kratom shop near you like PurKratom. 

It does not matter how you take kratom, what matters is how much you take it. 

According to experts, be careful with the dose in whatever form you take this herb. Always begin with the smallest dose. Increase only when you find it not enough to produce the desired effects. You may take a higher dose in case of treating insomnia or body pain but never go beyond the recommended highest dose.

In the end, you must enjoy your kratom. This mostly happens in a limited dose. The higher you go, the more you may experience some discomfort. Moreover, too much of a good thing is bad. You don’t want to feel disillusioned with euphoria or too drowsy to talk, do you? 

Before you visit a kratom shop in Maine, promise yourselves to be responsible when taking this herb.

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