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5 Top Home Maintenance Tips for 2024

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The home is the place where we spend most of our time and every property owner is responsible for building maintenance and repairs, which makes perfect sense. Your home is probably the biggest single investment you will ever make, and with that in mind, here are a few maintenance tips for the Australian homeowner.

  • Pest inspections – Regular termite inspections from a local pest control company ensure that these destructive creatures are flushed out and eliminated. Keep your eyes peeled for tell-tale signs of rodent infestation and we can’t forget deadly spiders that like to lurk in dark corners. Most homeowners make this an annual thing and you receive a detailed report regarding all forms of pests.
  • Annual roof inspections – The one part of the house that is not visible from the ground, your roof should be inspected every autumn/late spring. The roofing contractor takes a close look at the entire roof and cleans out the guttering, which is important to ensure excess rainwater has somewhere to go.
  • Prompt repairs – One constant in this universe is that things degenerate and the sooner you fix that leaking roof, the less damage will be caused. A stitch in time saves nine certainly applies in this case; whenever you notice a minor issue, deal with it promptly and you will avoid costly repairs.
  • Pre-source trades – If you spend a couple of hours Googling, you can store the emergency numbers of a local electrician, plumber, roofer, drain specialist and heating engineer. There will come a day when you are happy you took the time to source a plumber and then you are ready for anything.
  • Be proactive – There are a lot of ways that you can be proactive with your home maintenance; use protective coverings to protect surfaces and carry out regular inspections, both inside and out. Most people want to improve their living space and a project every couple of years will elevate the comfort level, as well as boosting the value.

As we move out of the hot summer months here in Australia, this is the perfect time to carry out building inspections and when you find a small repair, do it within a couple of days and you will save money.

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