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Underpinning is the technique in which additional support is added to the ground for an already existing foundation or before making the foundation on that particular ground. Like many other techniques, this technique is solely used for the strengthening of the foundation.

Many people don’t know that building is not just what it seems to be, it is much more than that. It requires the work and efforts of various people at various sites and various scales.

Do you think only a single type of builder can stand your building?  The answer is no, there are many types of builders having expertise in various sectors that provide their services to make sure that you have. Your dream building.

In this aspect, before even setting the foundation some builders make sure that the ground where your building foundation will be laid on is smooth and perfect in every manner for you to have the building you want.

These builders use various techniques one of which is underpinning that makes sure that your building foundation is on strong ground.


Now, slabbing is another process that enhances the beauty of your ground floor. Well, the concept of it is similar to underpinning but it is being done on the opposite side.

In the process which we discussed above, we install the support in the ground to provide a strong base to the building foundation, but with this technique, you not only have the strong ground from the inside but also a firm ground at the surface as well.


This technique allows you to have a smooth and flat ground surface beyond your building premises. The slabbing technique ensures that the surrounding ground of your building won’t suffer because of harsh weather conditions or because of anything so that it won’t affect the foundation of your building.

Now, you may be thinking about how the surrounding ground could affect the foundation of a building? Well, in simple terms if the surrounding ground is not firm then due to erosion and various other ways the water starts to seep into the foundation of a building that acts as a silent killer of a building.

Importance of them in construction

Both these techniques are extremely important in construction from a strength point of view. You may not be aware of this but for the construction of a building designer, civil engineers. And architects give priority to the strength of the building without a strong base. You can’t expect a strong foundation without a strong foundation.

You can’t expect strong building. As the building is a long-term investment and costs a fortune you don’t want to end up wasting your precious money. Thus, you should take the steps that are necessary for you to have a strong building.

In this regard, you need proper guidance which ensures that you have the best in every way. If the foundation of your building is strong then not only it will be able to overcome all the harshness of time.

But also in case of any unforeseen event, you can repair it without worrying about the strength status of your building.

Importance of right builders

For every kind of work right worker is the key to having them work the way you want. Similar is the case with the building. From groundwork to laying out the base, and to stand the structure of the building. The right builders are the ones who are needed for the perfect job.

You can’t expect that the builders having zero experience in groundwork can do the work in the right way. Builders also have particular areas of expertise. So you can’t expect that a single kind of builder can do all kinds of work for your building.

Thus, you need to make sure that you are approaching the right company or right people for your job. Only then you could expect to have the right work.

In this regard, A and M groundworks can help you as we are specialized in every kind of groundwork. So, you don’t have to worry about anything about your work with us.

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