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Best Application to Read Books On

While reading books has remained a hobby unchanged since the day it started, how books are read has somewhat changed due to technological advancements. While some people still engage in the old-fashioned way of keeping large or small bookshelves and pulling out their desired book at the time they want to read it, many others have shifted to e-book reading, which refers to the reading of books in different mobile applications. It can be that you are not the type to read books online or through applications but it is feasible and accessible for when you want a too read around the house or whenever you feel like without carrying piles of books. You can check out Mediacom internet plans, which host a reliable, and on-the-budget seamless connectivity to the internet that you can read with anywhere around the house. Read up ahead on the best application to get that reading going.

  1. Libby by Overdrive –A great book reading app for iOS:

Being an Apple iPhone or iPad user, you must be bored of reading the same books repeatedly due to the limited content in the Apple books. This is the perfect application for you having subscriptions of millions of users worldwide. Containing zillions of e-books as well as their audios, you can start without any hassle. Just log in and start searching for the books of your choice without any payment as it facilitates free login subscriptions.

Available on both IOS and android devices.

  1. ReadEra – Top app for reading on android:

Having an android device is all that is required to avail the benefits of this application you would fall in love with. This is an advertisement-free application and the reader would automatically find all the content relatively compatible with him/her device in their phone’s library. It has the facility of managing books in various formats such as fb2, Microsoft word, Mobi, and many similar formatting styles. The user interface of the application is customizable according to your own need and ease.

Freely available on android however you would have to pay for the premium version for extra features.

  1. Goodreads – Excellent IOS app to read:

Considered one of the best apps to read books on an IOS, it is named as a life-changing piece of software by people who are loyal to Apple. All this excitement comes along because of surprising features like creating separate shelves for different books and watching reviews of a large number of friends. Not to forget this app contains algorithms that recommend you similar genre of books that you have read previously.

This application is available free on IOS and android and is free to download.

  1. Amazon Kindle:

This application has been giving a tough time to Android as it has millions of users satisfied with its interface and features. It allows you to manage and install titles according to your wish and has the option of keeping samples of chapter one for most books it consists of. Having a user-friendly interface you can search anything of your choice with ease and even search for a specific word or phrase from the desired book.

Amazon kindle is also free to install on both IOS and android.

  1. ebook – The second best for android:

A fascinating application for android users, it contains a seamless and ad-free user interface where you can surf through your favorite books anytime. Very popular among google play it is one of the e-book platforms having a rating of more than 4.7 but the only drawback is having a minute number of iOS reviews. It has a unique feature where you can synchronize your books with your google drive and access it where you have got it logged in.

It is available free on IOS and android.

  1. Nook –Barnes and Noble Option:

Also known as B&N’s Nook, this is an application shining through the audience of both android and IOS. Having this installed, you are given access to 4 million-plus titles and around 75000 books, which you can freely try before getting it bought. The books you buy can be conveniently synced across all devices.

This application is free on Android and IOS.

  1. Overdrive –Everyone’s access

As discussed previously at point number 1, it is to be mentioned that overdrive has two applications. The first one is overdrive and the other one is named Libby by overdrive. Maybe the developers wanted to replace the first one but both turned out pretty good for them and are rocking on the store. They give you access to books from more than 40000 libraries around the globe along with a convenient and modifiable interface.

This application can be freely downloaded on Apple and Android.

  1. Epic – Best book reader for the kids:

This is considered one of the best applications when it comes to the reading bracket of children of any age group. Having an easy-to-use interface, it has an unlimited number of books as well as stories and games are an attention to detail in this application. Clear audios and visuals help your children learn to read faster and effectively at a smooth pace.

Like the above mentioned, this application is also free on IOS and Android.

  1. Apple Books –Needs no introduction

As the name suggests, this is Apple’s self-created application regarding e-books. It is not rated on the Apple store which is an astonishing fact but some claim the reason is it comes pre-installed on all Apple devices so you do not have to go download it specifically on the Apple store. It has an easy-to-use interface with millions of books waiting to be read.

This application is available for free, however, only on IOS and not on Android.

  1. Wattpad – Go big with your own stories:

Among the most popular applications in this genre comes the Wattpad. It lets you write and post your own stories and helps you create a starry audience for yourself. It has an enormous rating of more than 4.2 million on google play and is similar to YouTube but only about posting. The only downside is that you have to bear advertisements on this application.

This is available for free on android and IOS.

And that’s it! We hope you will find the best app of your likings from the aforementioned.

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