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The ideal streaming router is a sought-after item and subscription streaming services are gaining popularity over traditional satellite and cable TV bundles. It is essential to have a reliable internet connection and the appropriate equipment that can handle multiple streams of high-quality video simultaneously. 4K is fast becoming the standard for the full HD (1080p) which means larger files, more bandwidth utilized, and a higher demand for the top internet connections and the most reliable router to stream that you can afford.

Why Do You Need A Good Router For Streaming?

Sometimes, the standard modem, router, or modem/router combination isn’t the ideal streaming router, and some internet service providers cost you rental fees for the equipment. Many smart internet users are investing in their own routers to avoid fees and ensure the fastest possible connection speeds. All it boils down to the management of bandwidth and speed of internet, while the speed of internet is mostly dependent on the Internet service provider provide on the speed you require, router technology plays a significant role in both. The most recent technologies for Wi-Fi is 802.11ac or Wi-Fi 5. There is also Wi-Fi 6, however it isn’t as widely available and is typically included in high-end devices, such as gaming laptops.

It is recommended to purchase the Wi-Fi router that has at minimum 802.11ac technology for the fastest speeds to devices like the Fire Stick, Google TV, Apple TV or other streaming devices. Anything less than that will most likely result in decreases in speed of streaming, particularly when several users stream simultaneously. This is also a good illustration of how quality of service-enabled routers works to control bandwidth usage on internet connections in order to prioritize high-demand traffic (such streaming).

ASUS WiFi Gaming Router (RT-AC5300)

With eight antennas and tri-band gigabit technologies, this top streaming router is sure to offer high-quality streams as well as assisting power users looking to play online multiplayer games simultaneously. It’s not a gaming router, however, it’s also the ideal choice for families that have high bandwidth thanks to its amazing software and app to maximize traffic control. The additional features, like adaptive QoS that ensure everyone gets the speed they need to complete the proper tasks, provided you’re internet provider keeps their word, that is.

Asus Smart Connection is also excellent for managing bandwidth and switching every connected IP address from 5Ghz to 2.5Ghz whenever needed to ensure users with high bandwidth get the highest quality connection available for their specific environments. This router is an excellent choice for many users who download games, download and stream at the same time and frequently.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo (C7800)

When people hear Netgear Nighthawk They think of huge panel antennas, gaming oriented and the best streaming router. This router/modem combo is the post-college-aged adult that recognizes its strengths and knows the best way to use it. It has less footprint than the majority of top-performing streaming routers and a sleek four-antenna design, it’s a great way to will be able to keep pace with the times the day that ISPs are able to catch the pace.

The beamforming feature is ideal for users who are looking to gain the best connection without investing.  In an entire home network and Wi-Fi extenders. These ports for USB 3.0 ports are perfect for storage options. It can be utilize by the entire family at the local level. However, cloud storage will likely be safer and easier to utilize over the long term. This is a excellent option for families or networks who want to stream simultaneously, with no interruption to load times or streaming quality.

TP-Link Archer AX11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router

With a focus on gaming, AX11000 sets itself apart from other routers as one of the top performer. Because Wi-Fi 6 routers available that are available today. If your device that streams is compatible, you can make a huge difference in ensuring that the best streaming router is Wi-Fi 6 capable. If you’ve got a suitable setting for Wi-Fi signals Wi-Fi 6 works just like a wired Ethernet connection.

The main issue is it’s focus gamer target that could turn off those who are streaming for cheaper models. So don’t get caught in this trap. AX11000 is ideal for large families as well as heavy streamers. It ensure that everyone gets an incredible signal and bandwidth. The parental controls can be a blessing to parents. It ensure that homework is complete without interruptions, by blocking websites and apps like YouTube or Netflix.

Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Linksys is betting its money into MU-MIMO with this top router for streaming. If that your device supports streaming with this technology and you’re able to get a lot from it. In other words, the high price does not make the EA7500 the same as other routers. Within its range at present.

It’s an excellent choice for managing options as well as an all-round family router, it’s a decent alternative, however. It’s a great choice to introduce 802.11ac Wi-Fi to your home, and it’s easy to use options and settings. It is available in the Linksys companion app, which is why it’s on the list. Be sure you’re able to make the most of the features it offers before you purchase.

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220

A router/modem combination that costs less than $50 typically isn’t worth it. If you already have an ISP router that comes with an offer or Netgear C6220. It’s more of an investment in terms of money instead of investing in performance that is chasing hardware. Customers can anticipate around 20% more download speeds. If compare to the standard ISP routers, provide that your home isn’t full of obstructions and is made of lead.

It’s 802.11ac compatible and has dual bands (2.4Ghz and 5 GHz) which is awe-inspiring for the price. And comes with two ethernet ports that are 1Ghz for those who prefer wired connections. It’s a good idea to see if the router is compatible with more expensive ISP packages. However, since C6220 doesn’t support speeds of more than 250Gbps. Even smaller families and single users don’t have to fret about purchasing the largest internet bundle. This is the ideal router for a couple of simultaneous streamers as well as the occasional user.


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