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Blue Light Vs. Traditional Glasses

There is often a debate about the differences between blue light glasses and traditional glasses. While blue light glasses protect your eyes against the blue light emissions from the digital screens, things are different with traditional glasses. 

Traditional glasses are relatively more expensive as they provide much correction for your eyes. Blue light glasses are generally effective for two to three hours before sleep as they increase melatonin production, which helps during sleep. So let us discuss all the differences between traditional glasses and blue light glasses.

Color of the lenses

Traditional glasses possess transparent colored lenses, and many eye-related issues are corrected through these glasses. On the other hand, blue light glasses possess lenses with a slight yellow or blue tint. Sleeplessness, eye strain, headaches, and migraines are corrected with the help of these glasses.

When to wear them

Normal glasses are worn according to the prescription. Most doctors prescribe wearing glasses for the entire day. Blue light glasses are more effective before sleep. So it gives the best results if they are worn 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. Blue light glasses do not do any harm if they are worn for the whole day. As they do not negatively affect your eyes, wearing blue light glasses for the whole day will protect your eyes.


Traditional glasses prevent strain on the eyes; powered glasses help correct the eyes’ powers. It also solves other problems of the eyes, keeping the eyes healthy overall. Blue light glasses, on the other hand, help in improving sleep by increasing melatonin production. Though their effectiveness is not proven, blue light glasses are liked by most people as they help them work for long hours in front of the screen.


The price of blue light lenses including prescription is more expensive than the lenses of normal glasses. Blue light lenses are produced, and they range from $40 to $60.


The maintenance of the blue light glasses and the normal glasses are more or less the same. They do not require much maintenance. The glasses need to be kept clean with the soft cloth available from the optometry shop. If the glasses are foggy or dusty, they can be cleaned with clean water of normal temperature and then can be rubbed with a dry cloth. The glasses should be kept in a cool and dry place when they are not in use.

Age of the wearer

Blue light glasses are used by people of any age who use the screen. Kids even use the glasses if they experience too  much screen time. On the other hand, normal glasses are prescribed by doctors according to the power of the eyes. Normal prescription glasses are used by people of any age, starting from kids to adults to old aged people. You can purchase the most trending pairs of blue light glasses from SmartBuyGlasses UK.


Both blue light glasses and normal glasses protect your eyes. Normal glasses mainly keep your eyes healthy, and blue light glasses improve sleep and remove the fatigue created by long screen hours. They also prevent headaches and migraines after a long day in front of the screen. So make sure to consider these differences and pick the glasses that best suit your requirements. And dont forget, you can also opt to combine both by adding blue light blocking technology to your prescription glasses.

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