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Can I change my PMP exam date?

Majority of people often can confused can they change their PMP exam date or not? But it is easy to change their exam date by rescheduling the exam in any case of emergency. You can change the date on any time and again and again if you find any difficulty. It costs 70$ when you need to reschedule your exam. If you want to the exam more than 30 days in advance, then there will be no charges or fee. If you access SPOTO, you can get real pmp exam questions 2021 now.

Importance of PMP exam

PMP exam can be costly but it is very beneficial for a person. It can be time taking as well as difficult but it is essential for the project management. There are numerous number of benefits of PMP exam. If you want to be in the profession of project management then PMP exam are the one you have to go through. It can provide you a good prestige as well as a handsome and satisfying salary. PMP exam is basically a criterion which you have to full fill if you are willing to be in the profession of project management. Another important point which should be mention here is the holder of PMP certificate earns 20 percent more than the one who is not certified.

What is PMP examination?

PMP examination is a long and an onerous examination. It is 4 hours long examination and consist on 200 questions.  You have to complete a single question in 1 minute and 12 seconds. It is a closed book examination; it means it will not help you in collecting reference material for your examination. It will test your memory. It seems difficult but you can pass it. First of all you should that what will happen in the class room. The instructor will take you to your seat and provide your computer and all the related facilities you need. Instructor will give 2 pencils and a blank sheet as well. After all this procedure you will have just 15 minutes and you will have to go through the instructions. If you are a well prepared and efficient candidate you will go through the instructions in just 8 to 10 minutes and you will be ready for your PMP exam.

What is a PMP Brain Dump sheet?

Brain dump is basically a data which you have collected when you were preparing for your exams. You collected a fine reference data in which you mentioned the heading, the formulas, theory and keywords as well. This will help you in the exam and save your time in thinking so much, you can do your paper by the help or your brain dump. Once you read the question your mind will refer you brain dump and you can answer easily.

What should you put into the PMP Dump Sheet?

  • SWOT analysis
  • RACI chart
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Quality control tools
  • Total quality management, cost of quality and Quality etc
  • Slack, Float, PERT formula
  • EMV formulae, EVM formulae, communication management,
  • Estimating techniques
  • Understanding scheduling relationships ( FF, SF, SS, SF)
  • Project selection methods
  • Project Management Processes
  • PMBoK Knowledge areas matrix

On SPOTO, you will get useful content to prepare the exam.

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