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Can you Earn Cryptocurrencies While Playing P2E MOBA Games?

Crypto games can be a great option for those who want to have fun and earn cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the easiest ways to become a part of the crypto market, but without the complexity of buying, mining, and trading your earnings. Recently, MOBA games are implementing the P2E (play-to-earn) crypto concept. But, what does it mean?

When a gamer joins some MOBA game community, they must understand the rules and guidelines first. After that, they are ready to embrace the concept and pass the needed levels or win the quests to be rewarded with some crypto coins or tokens.

Do I Have to Invest Money in Crypto Games?

Crypto Games are a new trend in the gaming industry. They offer players the chance to earn real money from playing video games. The concept is simple: Players play online or PC games and receive virtual items or coins. They can exchange these items for real cash.

This may sound like an easy way to get rich, but things may get harsh on you if you have too high expectations. No matter if you choose some of the well-known and established MOBA games like League of Legends or try something new like Battle for Giostone, you will need some time until you can claim anything.

Also, when it comes to money investment, most of the time, you don’t need to do that in order to get rewarded. Sometimes, you will have an option to buy a better weapon or character upgrade, but it doesn’t affect the earnings. As you progress, you will learn how to invest in crypto games and determine if you like it that way or not.

What is P2E?

P2E is short for the play-to-earn concept of gaming. To understand what is played to earn crypto games, you must learn a few basic things about them. The first one is that P2E differs from ‘play and earn,’ although it seems similar.

Play-to-earn means that the player earns rewards every time they complete a task, win a battle, or pass some level. Most of the time, rewards are in-game currencies, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs that can later be exchanged for real money.

But, the thing is, players have to play some particular quest or level, so they can get rewarded. Most gaming enthusiasts are against that concept because games shouldn’t be an obligation for those who want to play and earn money.

That’s why the game creators decided to embrace the concept of play and earn instead of P2E. Now, the gamers feel free to choose any game they prefer in the crypto gaming system. They can explore the options, play according to their strategy, and still manage to win money for that.

How does P2E Affect Gaming?

Many gamers play their favorite MOBA game so they can escape reality and have fun during the quests and battles. They want to use their newly learned skills to compete against the other players. But what happens when the money gets into the picture?

Many people forget about the entertainment and want to grab the offered amount. It becomes an unfair competition because P2E doesn’t give an equal chance to everyone to earn that money, or in this case, crypto coins. So, when money joins the game, it becomes all about the competition and winning battles to get rewarded.

That’s why the game creators decided it’s time to implement the play and earn concept instead of P2E. Still, it’s widely used, but it’s slowly moving to the approach that doesn’t seem like a job to the gamers.

What Benefits Game Monetization Brings?

Today’s crypto gaming has many benefits for both the developers and players. It’s an interesting and entertaining way to earn money, regardless of your role. Blockchain also brings many advantages, like funding options and increased monetization. Also, gamers can claim property rights and participate in market liquidity.

The crypto implementation made the whole earning process even more attractive to gamers. Also, some crypto enthusiasts are more open to trying some of the newer games, which benefits both industries. Many gamers are open to learning more about cryptocurrencies, and the gaming industry attracts crypto enthusiasts at the same time.

So, can you earn crypto money as you play P2E MOBA games?

It seems like it has become a huge thing, and many game developers are implementing blockchain protocols in the games, so the player can claim their earned assets. They can later launch NFTs or exchange the in-game earnings for crypto or fiat currencies.

Even though these P2E and ‘play and earn’ games are far from perfect, they create a strong foundation for further development and even more advanced payment protocols.

Every new game gets stronger support from the community around the world. So, the future is bright and promising, creating many chances for gamers to earn money from their hobby.

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