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Challenges faced by Saudi Arabian Recruitment agencies

As only the most qualified candidates are hired for each job description, Saudi Arabia has established itself as among the most formidable economies in the world. Hence, recruiting agencies have been crucial in ensuring that only qualified individuals are engaged to perform particular positions without anything left to be done by fluke.

Organizations in Riyadh, Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, and Jubail are served by qualified people with training in a variety of professions with the help of these recruiting agencies. Some example of such specialists include the following:

  • Healthcare industry
  • Education
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Finance Industry

However, the effects of the pandemic on the labor market have yet to be completely reversed. As unemployment rates increase globally, many businesses are finding it more challenging to attract, hire, and retain personnel.

The top challenges that recruitment agencies face currently in Saudi Arabia in 2022 are as follows:

  • Talent Deficit: 

The shortage for skilled personnel has been one of the most contentious recruitment issues over the years and more so recently. The biggest struggle for most companies today is to fill open positions, which results in lost income. By 2030, upwards of 85 million roles could still be unfilled according to popular research. And it’s not because those jobs have been automated or replaced by robots. Because there won’t be enough qualified candidates to fill the roles, this will happen. One of the primary issues recruitment consultancies have with hiring is this.

  • Alter your hiring approach:

As reports suggest that until the epidemic work imbalances are addressed, a skill shortage will not abate or go away. As a result, to find talent in the upcoming years, recruiters must develop a long-term strategy. Your acquisition, development, and retaining tactics must be adjusted to the current environment if you wish to combat the talent deficit. These are just some crucial components that need to be adopted/modified.

  • Hiring from within the organization:

Sometimes the skills you need are right in front of you and you might not notice it i.e. right there in your own company. Take a look at your staff if you’re having difficulties hiring for a particular position and can’t seem to find the right candidate. The cost of employing employees is 1.7 times lower internally than it is externally, and the promotion would also boost morale even more. Additionally, you’ll spend less on onboarding. This approach has a drawback, too. If you exploit it, you may tend to lose out on new-generation talent who may have a different approach and thinking to complete a particular task. You are urged to use it cautiously.

  • Start recruiting interns:

If you don’t regularly provide internships, this is the time to begin. Many recruiters assert that it might be challenging to tell whether a candidate can perform the job before employing them. Why not try out the technique? Providing apprenticeships at your company allows you to screen applicants before recruiting them and, more importantly, attracts talents you might otherwise overlook. Planning for the long term is necessary for successful outcomes. And your hiring staff needs to include long-term programs in their hiring processes if you want to make sure that you find, keep, and hire new top-notch talent. Create strategies to help you deal with the issue because the shortage of appropriate skills will only become worse.

  • Recruiting employees with future potential:

We are all aware that skills shortage is a serious issue. What about all the undiscovered talents, though? How can you be certain that they are thinking about your company? Due to a skills shortage and the pandemic, many firms are finding it harder and harder to persuade employees to choose your company over competitors. The pandemic is also having a big impact on how job seekers feel about getting a job.

  • Over and above salary remunerations:

Although still important, salary is not anymore the primary factor. To prevail in the competition for new employees, you’ll have to offer much more and significant motivator than a once-a-month transfer of salary. Their benefits package should be thoughtfully put together to attract probable talent for the company. An instance for this, 44% of people believe that having adequate healthcare coverage is more imperative than having paid time off. Good health insurance for your employees is essential as awareness of the value of health and wellbeing, particularly mental healthcare, grows.

  • An approach to hiring that is humane

The HR Team is accountable for warranting that the hiring process goes effortlessly and that the new workers have a positive experience as an employer and a brand. In a study, approximately a higher percentage than 41% of participants said that a long-standing relationship with the recruiter was the most significant consideration post an interview. Utilize this opportunity to its maximum potential by comprising all applicants, both the ones that have been accepted and also those that have been rejected, in your talent pool. Then, inform those you believe would be a suitable fit anytime you have a position to give that is similar to it. Don’t forget the importance of feedback, though. Even after rejection, recruitment consultancy must choose direct communication since we all desire clarity, whether it’s positive or negative.

  • Work that can be flexible:

Due to COVID, recruiting firms are dealing with numerous difficulties. Even as the world began to become more digitalized, so did our line of work. Although the idea of working remotely is not new, in the past 18 months the epidemic has accelerated this transition. Employees must now have the choice of working from home whenever practical; it is not a choice anymore.


Candidates can get assistance from recruitment consultancies with various duties including resume writing, career advice, grooming advice, and pay expectation advice. But not all consultancies are top-notch. Candidates should use caution when looking for recruitment consulting in Saudi Arabia. Some consultancies make employment promises they can’t keep, wasting a lot of money in the process. People who want to live in Saudi Arabia with a high quality of living should hunt for the top consulting firms so they may land decent jobs.

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