Business Registration - Choose a Service by Tax Accountant

Business Registration – Choose a Service by Tax Accountant

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One of the most common questions that small businesses ask is “what tax accounting and business registration services can I get from a tax accountant in the UK?” In the UK, as in most other countries, businesses have to file taxes with the government. The tax office will then give a company a T&E number. This number is basically an identification card for the company, and it is what is used to file yearly returns with the government. The purpose of these T&E numbers is to make sure that the company and its directors and officers are following the law and not evading the law.

Rules and Regulations of the UK Tax Authorities

Every business has to follow the rules and regulations of the UK tax authorities, and a tax accountant is the best person to go to if you want to do it correctly. An accountant will help business owners to take full advantage of the tax system and will help them save money. Not only will he or she help the business owner saves money, but also time and stress. If the business does not follow the rules correctly, it could have serious consequences such as heavy penalties being applied.

Types of Accounting Firms

There are several different types of accounting firms in the UK, all offering a variety of professional business registration services. A good way to find the accounting firm that offers the best accounting services for your business type is to go online. There are plenty of websites that offer business directory services where users can look up a company’s address and contact details. These websites are usually run by members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK, and the accountancy firms themselves are usually members of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Tax Accounting and Business Registration

Tax accounting and business registration are very important in the UK. Any kind of business can be registered for either a limited liability partnership or an unincorporated company. Both these options have their own set of benefits and limitations, as well as pros and cons. If you have a company, you may also need to register your business deed with the Companies House. However, if you do not, then the UK law states that any company can form a limited liability partnership without needing to register it.


There are many advantages associated with business registration services by the tax accountants. The first is that you will be able to save a lot of time and money. In addition to the obvious cost savings, when a company is registered with the Companies House, it is given a professional address, which can save mailing costs and therefore increase your sales and profits. By using accounting software to manage your company, it makes it easier and faster for the accountant to produce reports and other valuable documents. Accounting firms can even use the latest computer programs and systems for managing your accounts.


There are also numerous tax benefits that you will gain by using an accountant to handle your business finances. For instance, with tax accounting and business registration services, you can receive tax relief on property purchases, on employee salaries and on other expenses. This means that the more employees you have and the higher the number of transactions performed, the higher your tax deductions will be. Additionally, you can claim expenses for items such as travel, gifts, loans and mortgages on behalf of the business. This will also allow you to take full advantage of the tax breaks provided under the Company Tax Act. This will result in substantial savings to you and your business.

It is also possible to enjoy certain tax benefits if your business has been established for more than one year. However, it is important that you check the UK tax laws before incorporating your business to ensure that you will not be required to pay capital gains tax or income tax. Business registration services by tax accountants can also help you save on inheritance tax and the like. Business registration is a mandatory requirement in order to run a business legally in the UK.


Business registration is essential for managing your business properly. By ensuring that all the tax laws are observed, you will have a greater chance of obtaining credit and being successful in your business ventures. You should always bear in mind that when registering your business, you need the assistance of an experienced professional who will advise you on every aspect of business registration. It is important to conduct thorough research to choose a business registration service by a tax accountant who will meet your business needs. Select an accountant who can offer reliable, comprehensive and efficient business registration services. Look out for other special features such as online filing of returns, quick registration of new companies and simplified refund submission, reduced fees and no penalty for late payments.

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