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Control Your Network With Netgear Genie

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NETGEAR genie lets you get the most out of your home network in an easy and fun way. With more than six million downloads, the genie application allows users to easily monitor, connect and control their home network from a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. With Netgear genie download and its setup you can share or stream music and videos, diagnose and repair network problems, configure parental control and much more.

Netgear genie download  and this application will work according to your network as per the information given below. With netgear genie download and after it’s setup is done, users may get access to router remotely and can configure the settings as per their needs.

Prerequisites for the Netgear Genie:
You will need to have the wired or wireless computer with an internet browser and the latest version of the Netgear Genie. If you have the extender then Netgear wifi extender setup must be perfectly done.

How you could Download Netgear Genie?

Given below are the instructions to install the NETGEAR genie app on your local computer and remote computer:

  • Download the Netgear Genie software, which is compatible with your desktop.
  • Make sure that this computer (desktop) is connected to your router using the Ethernet cable or wirelessly.
  • Double click on the downloaded file of the Netgear genie application.
  • Go to the Router settings and tap on the remote access for log in and then on sign up to create the account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for Netgear wifi extender setup and then set parental controls and other settings from local as per your needs. Use for router setup.

Customize the Parental Control Settings

If none of the filtering levels fit your needs, there is a way to customize the configuration of the Netgear Parental Control. It is also a great way to teach your children the limits of what they can and should see on the internet as they grow up.

  • Some parents also use this as a real test to see if their children have developed a sense of responsible and safe use of the internet.
  • In the Netgear Genie Status window, click on the – Change Custom Settings. Customize the parental control settings of Netgear.
  • This will direct you to where you will need to log into your Open DNS account.
  • Click on the Customize option.
  • Check the boxes next to the categories you want to block and uncheck those whose access you want to enable (only the selected content is blocked). Once you have finished, click on the Save Default Filtering Level button to save your selection.
  • Establish Internet Time Limits with Netgear Parental Control.

Now that you have created a firewall for your children, does this mean that you will not be able to access these sites either? Of course not!

In addition to customizing the filtering levels and the content type, you can also set the controls within a time limit. If you do not have multiple computers or just want to change the settings each time you want to use the computer, the time limit feature is a great tool that you can use to ensure your children (or your nanny) cannot access unwanted content while you are not there.

The Internet is one of the best inventions of our time. Unfortunately, as it benefits us, it is also a platform full of negative content that could adversely affect the development of our children. Although it may seem somewhat paranoid for some, restricting what your children see and absorb from the Internet is a way to protect them from physical and mental harm.

Services and tools such as Netgear Parental Controls of login and are great for supervising your children while you are away from home. It even protects them while at home because, after all, the Internet is a territory without limits. These are also excellent tools to teach your children to be responsible and careful when using the Internet.


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