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With over 90% of people abandoning a website due to poor design, it’s critical to get it right the first time and invest in doing so. And this isn’t just relevant to website creation. It applies to everything a firm does, from small details like your email footer to larger issues such as your logo. You must make things simple.

Every time we exit the front door, we are bombarded with advertisements. We encounter messaging. Posters and other forms of advertisement are widely seen. Leaflets, social media postings, and email messages are just a few examples of what you may come across. It is difficult to stand out in this cacophony of marketing messages.

Be consistent

People appreciate consistency. We would like to think we are brave enough to take chances and mix things up, but that isn’t always the case. Even when on vacation, we desire the same sun chair or table for dinner. We quickly establish norms even while on holiday. Your brand is no exception; hence, your marketing communications must be consistent.

Keep things simple

Why make something more difficult than it has to be? The only way to break through the noise is to make your brand and design simple. It must first be recognized, then easy to read and understand. If your design is overly complicated, poorly structured, and crammed with messages, it will be overlooked in the sea of information.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

A person must see a message or an ad 7-8 times on average before taking action. Yes, seven to eight times. You must concentrate on the first two points above and then repeat, repeat, repeat in order to aid them in doing so. It doesn’t matter if you’re bored of your message or advert or social media posts.

If you use the aforementioned three techniques, you’ll most certainly break through the clutter.

Don’t be afraid to shine a light on your current website’s design and make sure you avoid any of these blunders. Contact Dawn Creative to discover more about the importance of branding and the cost of poor design.

Even if you are not terminated, you will harm your brand.

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