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Deciding Your Major: Choosing An Honest And Ethical Profession

The decision to choose a particular major is a very important one for students preparing for college. The college major can open doors into the workforce and make things easier to land a high-paying job and also have a fulfilled work career. The mistake most aspiring college students make these days are going with a major their friends are choosing or just going with the majority on a particular career choice. By the time they discover that they have erred, time may no longer be on their side. Choosing an honest and ethical profession requires a personal appraisal of your strengths in key subjects and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are some tips that should guide you in deciding on your major.

Check your strengths and weaknesses academically

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a major for college. First of all, you need to learn more about the high school subject requirements for the majors you are considering. After acquiring this knowledge, you have to truthfully appraise your strengths in the subjects you take in high school and how well you may be able to fit in for the major you are considering. You can go for another major that would be easier for you to pull off if that is what goes on perfectly with your academic strengths in high school.

Know what you are passionate about

What you have passion for matters when you want to choose a major. Passion brings out emotional energy, It helps you to find the strength to continue when you feel like quitting. People tend to take their chosen majors more seriously when it aligns with what they are passionate about. They find ways to get things done in spite of the challenges they face. So, yes, if you must make a decision as important as picking a major to go for, you need to consider what you are passionate about. When you select a major that agrees with an area of ultimate interest, you will find happiness in what you do everyday and it will even help you land a great job in the future.

Hearken to career advice

When deciding a major for college, the importance of career advice cannot be overlooked. It is even more important to those who are preparing for college but have never thought about what they hope to become, the requirements for different majors as well as the opportunities for work after college. College applicants will gain a better understanding of these opportunities when they speak with industry professionals. More often than not, students rely on career advice from family and friends which is not good enough unless of course, they have a wealth of knowledge in helping you shape their decision to choose the right major. Career guidance will help you move from just a general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the practical opportunities available to you.

Do online research

Sometimes, taking a great decision on the major to go for depends on how much of resources you can lay your hands on online. For example, resources by osmosis can help you better understand the profession of nursing and medicine. So, if you want to know all about saving lives and the professional ethics that come with the career, you can check the online resources by Osmosis if you are considering nursing. For pretty much any career path, you can get as much information as possible to make the right decision concerning a major in college.

Know about possible salaries

Sometimes, you may want to go through college with the help of student loans either for your undergraduate or graduate studies. If it is all on you to do repayments in the future, then you need to know how much exactly you could receive with your major in the job market. Knowing which majors are more or less likely to lead to a high salary will go a long way to helping you make a decision on the major and also the school you want to go with. When students have an idea of what they will make after college can jump-start planning for student loan repayments. Going for STEM-related courses will avail you more funds than social work majors. It could be a difference of about $60,000 annually. However, STEM-related majors aren’t for the faint-hearted or those without good math skills. Also, think about the extra certification you might need to become a professional in the field. For instance, PMP certifications are worth it especially if you want to become a senior manager later someday.

Final word

Choosing a college major that will secure you an honest and ethical profession in the future is not an easy feat. It is even more tasking going through the major in college and getting a job with your new skills. So, if you don’t want to get a major part of your life started on the wrong foot, you need to make informed decisions and work hard in college to achieve your aim.

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