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Different Quality Of Custom Washi Tape

From the past few years of handling custom washi tape, I can say that the Japanese kind were always consistent. Their quality were high and stickiness and colors were always the same. I love handling them and they don’t disappoint.

With the Chinese kind, I did have issues with inconsistent stickiness. Some where too sticky where there’s actually residue already on the tape (if I notice this, I do not list them). Others were almost not sticky at all or very low stickiness where if I used it to package something, it falls apart pretty quickly.

The colors from the Chinese kind can vary from batch to batch. I do wish that would improve. Again, it does depend on different manufacturers. I believe the ones under the American brands have better quality control and therefore better color consistency.

Writing on Custom washi tape:

I did read a comment somewhere about writing on custom washi tape and that they were not able to write with a Sharpie and there’s a waxy coating on the tape. True, there is a coating on the tape that does keep it semi water resistant, however, I was able to use a sharpie on it with no problem. I would just not recommend liquid type of ink pen.

Stamping on Custom washi tape:

Since there is that protective coating, not all ink will hold on washi tape. I have read that Stazon ink pad is one that worked well, although I have not tried personally. Since Stazon also can work on surfaces like glassine, I would think that would be the case with washi tape as well.

Washi tape isn’t the strongest of tapes, so you shouldn’t rely on it to seal the outside of your packages. It’s more of a decorative tape, so it’s best used on the exterior of packaging to gift wrap or brand items rather than hold anything closed or in place.

If you’re a maker or illustrator, it’s also is a fantastic way to decorate journals, planners, letters and other craft items.

Our Custom Washi Tape can be kitted out with a design of your choice and used to seal envelopes or decorate the exterior of a package, like a Kraft Mailer or Mailer Box.

Washi Tape’s stickiness doesn’t need to be activated – peel it off the roll, and it’s ready to go! It doesn’t require any tools like a tape dispenser either, as it can be easily torn by hand.

It’s also a creative way to share your artwork with customers. Due to the low MOQs available, it’s easy to on-sell your branded washi tape as a gift with purchase at your store or as a loyalty reward.

Due to washi tape’s reusable element, this is a practical gift that keeps on giving for your customers!

Compare Custom Washi Tape:

Fabric tape is obvious. It is made of fabric and will obviously have a very different feel from thin paper. Even with this big difference, there are still some calling fabric tape washi tape. I believe it is just because it’s decorated. I think that’s incorrect and they should be called fabric tape or decorative tape.

Tissue Custom washi  tape can be pretty similar to washi tape and may be just a brand preference from Tim Holtz. Although I have not actually compared side by side.


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