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Parenting is hard, especially in this digital age. Kids have tons of problems and most of them are connected with the technological world or modern tools. Believe me, I have seen many parents who are either sick of too much screen time. Complain about any violent game addiction, social media obsession. No real-life curricular activities interest of the kids so on and so forth.  This is the bitter reality of this time. Kids start using phones and youtube before they start talking. Too much exposure to screens and gadgets can affect their mental and physical growth. But unfortunately, parents are busy. Thus to keep the child busy we have started using the smart gadget Phone Spy App as a toy. The start of a nightmare that peaks at the age of puberty. At this time, these kids are too much dependent on these tools and can’t imagine living without them. They are their best friends and now the parents want them to share everything with them but alas they missed the chance to build a bond at an early age. 

Solution Spy App:

This and many other kinds of problems are faced by to days parents so we are here to discuss some of these problems and their possible solutions. Science has given us the solution as well. There is no going back to living in the caves and jungle without electricity and the internet  So why not use this technology t at least our benefit as well. No need to cry over split milk but still it is not too late to take back the control. Some of you must have heard about the cell phone spy app or monitoring software technology. It is now a mandatory way to add parental control apps in the lives for the online and real-life safety of teenagers. The spy app can act as your secret guardian angel and can help you take good care of your minors.

Here are some of the problems and their solution. Among dozens of spy apps We have chosen the OgyMogy. The features are of a versatile kind and can help the parents to make their life less stressful and more worry-free. 

Screen Time Management:

One of the biggest problems parents face is that the kids are always stuck with smart gadgets.  They face a lot of trouble in managing the screen time of teenagers or minors. By getting the phone spy app parents can not only get to know about the screen time of the kids but also tell about the screen activities of the teen as well. Users can make a surprise visit to the screen of the target in real-time thus can catch them live in any weird stuff or activity. The screen monitoring feature is very useful for parents of screen-obsessed teenagers. No worries if you don’t have time for real-time monitoring as the app saves the information in the form of snapshots and short recordings as well. 

Whereabouts Issues:

If your Teen disappears from time without any prior notice well use the GPS tracking feature of the phone tracker app and know about the real-time location of the teen whenever you want. 

Social Media Obsession:

No need to know the Instagram id of the teen or have a Facebook account. With the social media monitoring feature, parents can remotely know about every activity in detail.

Game Addiction:

In case you want to know about the apps installed on your teen phone use the OgyMogy. It will let you know about the list of installed apps on your teenager phone. Know about violent game addiction and take action on time.

Versatile IM chat apps Options: 

Kids love to switch instant message chat app but do you have to?. You can simply use the instant message chat app monitoring features like Whatsapp spy app, Line spy app, Telegram spy app, Viber spy app, and more for that. 

Use the phone spy app for monitoring of cellphone android, blackberry or iPhone. Want more than that? then you should check the Mac and Windows spy app version that can be used to monitor teenagers through their tablet, laptop, or desktop computers. See OgyMogy is one solution for most of the digital age problems. 


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