Drift Hunters – Completely Free Tire Shredding Fun In Your Browser

Drift Hunters – Completely Free Tire Shredding Fun In Your Browser

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If you’re the kind of gamer that enjoys cars, you’ve probably dabbled in some of the more popular car-based video game series. Games like Need for Speed, Forza, and even Gran Turismo provide the adrenaline rush most car enthusiasts are after.

The only issue with these games is their accessibility. They are all full-priced titles and even require an expensive gaming console to play them.

If these are hurdles you can’t quite get over at the moment, you don’t have to go without something that would make you happy.

If you’re looking for the excitement only an awesome drift car game can provide but need something more accessible, then Drift Hunters is the game for you.

This game packs hours of fun into a package that anybody can enjoy from anywhere. Since we now have your attention, here are some awesome things that Drift Hunters has to offer.

No-Cost Fun

With everything else in life getting more expensive, you may not have as much money to dedicate to your hobbies or things that make you happy as you once did.

Thankfully, Drift Hunters is entirely free, and you’re also able to enjoy it whether you’re at home, school, or at work. Thankfully, there is no upfront cost or subscription charge to enjoy everything the game offers. Pretty neat, huh?

Running entirely within your web browser, there’s no extra download required. Bult on the UNITY engine, this provides the game with a fully 3D world and detailed vehicles with minimal hardware requirements.

Tons of Content

Drift Hunters features over 25 vehicles modeled after recognizable sports cars.

Have you always wanted to get behind the wheel of a Nissan GTR? Drift Hunters has it.

What about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? That’s here too.

Each car is meticulously detailed down to the spokes on its wheels. But what good is a turbo-charged drift car without a track to let it loose on?

Drift Hunters has you covered there with ten awesome tracks that have been carefully designed to give you the maximum amount of thrills.

Drift around corners, hit the gas on straightaways and stack up those drift points on each unique track.

Extreme Customizability

Drift Hunters doesn’t stop at just giving you 25 cars. Instead, the game features an extensive customization menu that allows you to change the type and color of your car’s paint, change its rims, and even alter the stance of your ride with many different options.

This way, your cars can be unique from the ones in your friends’ collections.

Plus, there’s nothing like tearing down a street and pulling off a sick drift in a car you can truly call your own.

Physics-Based Gameplay

Despite its easy accessibility, Drift Hunters isn’t just a simple arcade game. Instead, the game’s drifting physics is incredibly realistic and requires a bit of skill and time to truly master.

In most games, all you need to do is tap the brakes and turn to pull off a drift, but in Drift Hunters, you’ll need to consider your speed, the angle of the turn, and even your stance will affect how you drift.

The challenge of this drifting simulator is part of the fun, and that is what makes Drift Hunters worth your time.

Drift Hunters MAX – A New Beginning:

Once you’ve enjoyed what Drift Hunters offers, you can move on to the latest game in the series – Drift Hunters MAX.

Featuring cloud save support, you can continue your progress from where you left off with the brand-new account feature.

On top of this, the game also includes vastly improved graphics, a more extensive car list, and even more tracks than ever before. So you can rest assured that there will be plenty to keep you entertained in the latest Drifted exclusive game.

With an impressive total of 37 cars available at your disposal, 12 tracks, and plenty of performance upgrades to unlock along the way, the game is again free to enjoy.

Alongside the ability to play on just about any computer, Drift Hunters MAX brings stunning visuals, providing crisp details and textures for all of the cars and the many tracks in the game.

Even in the garage, which serves as the game’s main menu, you can rotate your car to take in all the details and reflections before carrying out visual and performance upgrades to your dream ride.

In addition, the overhauled physics engine allows for truly realistic and challenging drift mechanics to appease even the most seasoned car game veterans.

There’s plenty more for those who are tempted by the idea of a free browser game but looking for something beyond drifting.

So, whether you’re looking for Car Games, Racing Games, Multiplayer Games, Simulator Games, Shooting Games, Motorcycle Games, Police Games, Monster Truck Games, or even Bus Games, Drifted has it all!

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