Everything You Must Know About Tap Shoes

Everything You Must Know About Tap Shoes

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Learning tap dancing is challenging, but getting the costume right is. Tap dancing includes outstanding choreography, full-body movements, and fast music to create magic on stage. And you can only achieve this with proper dancing shoes that help the dancers to create the perfect clicks and clacks on the dance floor. So, before purchasing a pair of women’s tap shoes, it will be good to know more about tap dance shoes. 

How Do Tap Shoes Work?

The tap shoes are made with 1-2 tap plates fixed to the sole and upper with the help of rivets or screws. The sound while dancing with tap shoes depends on the number and how tightly the screws are fixed. Meanwhile, the screws can be adjusted to give that perfect sound while dancing. 

Parameters to Consider While Purchasing Tap Shoes

Everyone knows how magnificent Fred Astaire’s performances are. Apart from the skills, a pair of tap shoes will also increase the overall dance effect. So, beginners should go with the kinds that provide more stability to allow dancers to learn the moves easily. In the meantime, oxford-style tap shoes are for experienced tap dancers. 

1 Size

Opting for the right size of women’s tap shoes may be difficult but not impossible. Choosing the perfect fit will help the dancer perform the moves easily and comfortably. Also, an imperfectly fitting shoe can harm the dancer’s feet with blisters and soreness, causing much discomfort while dancing. 

Perfect ankle support will not be provided by wrong-size shoes that may affect the on-stage dance performance, and one should note that the regular shoe size will not work for tap shoes. So, trying before purchasing the shoes will serve the purpose.

2 Fit

Getting that perfect fit shoes will be possible only when you opt for branded women’s tap shoes. A well-fitted shoe will help the dancer to portray the moves effortlessly, thus creating a great impact on stage. And to leave the audience spellbound, dancers should choose the correct size, fit, and style.

3 Hard Sole

The next thing to consider is the hard sole of the tap shoes. The sole plays a crucial role in supporting the heels and arches. As such, opting for a full sole, shock-absorbing insole, and a well-cushioned shoe will be comfortable for new dancers. The sole will protect dancers from injuries and help them execute beautifully choreographed dance moves. And dancers can choose from a range of soled shoes, such as split soles, double soles, and insoles.

4 Comfort

Dancers frequently look for comfort to perform well on stage. Therefore, the breathing lining, toe box, flexible shanks, support, and the appropriate fabric used to make them all contribute to how comfortable tap shoes are. And to check for comfort, dancers should try and perform a couple of dance moves, preferably toe stands, before paying for the shoes. Also, consider buying soft leather tap shoes as they are stretchable and provide flexibility while dancing.

5 Soundboard and Screws

These shoes often come in two varieties: fixed and adjustable. The adjustable tap shoes produce great sound effects while dancing as the screws are adjustable. Both the screws and soundboards significantly contribute to the sound effects produced by the shoes. Also, the soundboards and screws are fixed to the sole. Hence, the material for soles will also affect the sounds while tap dancing. Fiberglass is used in manufacturing modern soundboards.  

Considering all these aspects can allow you to land a great pair of tap shoes. Besides, the first and most important thing you need to chase your tap dancing dreams is a pair of tap shoes. So, get the best pair and tap away!

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