Explore Top Reasons to Use a Heavy Duty Tarp Made of Canvas

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When you have heavy-duty work to do outdoors like heavy construction, then a heavy-duty tarp made of canvas is the best material for providing protection and durability. It can hold up against wind and rain and it’s very heavy-duty; some heavy duty tarps are designed to handle heavy machinery.

The fabric has a thick weave which gives it unparalleled levels of puncture resistance while remaining capable of letting moisture out. It is this high-density weave that makes the difference; many other materials on the market lack this advantage. Unlike bags or sacks, heavy-duty tarps are not subject to potential tearing from small objects such as nails or glass shards that may fall onto the heavy-duty tarp.

When you are looking for heavy-duty tarps, make sure you look for those made from a heavy-weight material such as canvas. While polythene may be cheaper, it just doesn’t have the same levels of strength and durability that a heavy-weight material has. 

Heavy-duty tarps made from canvas are largely resistant to water, but heavy duty tarps made from polythene may easily be penetrated by heavy rains. 

  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin’s resistance against rain
  • Polythene bags tear easier than heavy duty canvas tarpaulin
  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin has greater returns on investment

Heavy-duty canopies often have a solid construction that improves their aesthetic qualities as well as gives them an attractive structure that provides protection. A heavy-duty canopy has thick heavy-duty roofing, solid heavy-duty beams, and heavy-duty legs.

A heavy-duty canvas tarp can be used to create a shelter with the help of ropes & stakes or an existing structure such as a tree or shed that provides four corners and may even provide most of the heavy-duty canopy already with the addition of just one heavy-duty canvas tarp at the top!

When you’re looking for heavy-weight tarps protective coverings to protect your products from damage during transit. then look no further than heavyweight materials!  When you need tough reliable protection heavy-duty canvas tarp. It is the one to go for as it is very tough and durable.

Canvas Tarps Are Known to Be Breathable

Canvas tarpaulins are breathable despite is treat with waterproofing chemicals. It helps air to flow smoothly between its fibers. Canvas tarps are often need while transporting moisture-sensitive goods. For instance, when a farmer decides to ship fresh vegetables and fruits, these products will necessarily be needing the flatbed truck to be cover by a breathable canvas tarp so that the vegetables and fruits remain fresh and do not get rotten even after hours of travel in a truck since there is a constant movement of fresh air thanks to the breathable canvas tarpaulin. A canvas tarpaulin is great for preventing the sweating of fruits and vegetables that may trigger premature spoilage.

The breathable canvas heavy-duty tarpaulins seem to be a wonderful choice for loads that could have rust issues or concerns. Thanks to the canvas tarp’s breathability, it is able to stop moisture from getting accumulating underneath. Canvas rules out rusting issues as it is a nice and breathable fabric best for a robust and heavy-duty tarpaulin.

You can also get them with eyelets which make them even more versatile.

Canvas Tarps Are Eco-Friendly

Most flatbed truck tarpaulin sheets are of polypropylene, vinyl, or polyethylene. These materials are quite robust and just right for withstanding the rigors of flatbed trucking. However, these materials are simply not environmentally friendly. But the best thing about canvas tarp is that it is very much eco-friendly ad. It is compose of linen duck or cotton fibers.

A heavy-duty tarp made of canvas would not adversely impact the environment after years of use, wear, and tear. We understand that with time, often a discarded canvas tarpaulin would become totally decomposed


On the other hand, heavyweight materials like thickly woven canvass provide unique levels of toughness and durability. So why would you want Polythene bags when canvass offers better protection against the elements? 

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