Fatal St. Louis Accidents Know the Causes to Prevent Them

Fatal St. Louis Accidents: Know the Causes to Prevent Them

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Car accidents can have a profound impact on people who witness them. The devastating nature of car crashes is disheartening, considering that many of them can be avoided. The prevalence of aggressive driving and speeding in St. Louis exacerbates this issue, leading to collisions that could have been prevented.

In May 2023, KMOV reported a tragic accident in north St. Louis that led to a man’s death and caused severe injuries to two others. The collision involved three vehicles and occurred in the afternoon near the intersection of Hamilton Ave and Page Blvd.

According to police reports, a 2018 Chevy Impala was traveling east on Page when it veered into the westbound lane, colliding with a 2011 GMC Sierra heading from the opposite direction. The Sierra, in turn, struck a 2022 Tesla S that was moving west on Page.

The Impala driver, 29-year-old Jermaine Sanders from Pagedale, succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Meanwhile, two other passengers in the Impala were transported to the hospital in critical yet stable condition. The Tesla occupants, both the driver and passenger, declined medical treatment.

This car crash isn’t an exception. Fatal car accidents lead to numerous deaths in St. Louis County, Missouri. According to the St. Louis City car crash report, a staggering 14,000 individuals were injured in traffic collisions. The report further states that the total number of traffic-linked fatalities surpassed 100.

The report further reveals that in 2021, there were close to 931 fatal crashes resulting in 1,016 deaths. The breakdown of accidents involving various road users is as follows:

  • U.V. and pickup accidents: 312
  • Car accidents: 351
  • Truck accidents: 23
  • Motorcyclist accidents: 166
  • Pedestrian accidents: 117
  • Bicycle accidents: 7

Moreover, between 2017 and 2021, Missouri witnessed 1,025 fatalities directly attributed to driving under the influence.

The Causes of Car Crashes in St. Louis

Many factors lead to car accidents in St. Louis, and when known, crashes can be prevented. That aside, the Missouri State Highway Patrol states that there are mechanical issues, driver errors, and traffic infractions that can also result in accidents. A few common causes of car accidents in St. Louis and other areas of Missouri include:

●       Reckless Driving

It includes any action on the road that endangers others’ safety. Such behaviors include tailgating, swerving through traffic, and not obeying traffic signals. Reckless driving is dangerous and greatly increases the likelihood of accidents occurring. To prevent reckless driving, drivers need to obey traffic rules and have patience. Arriving safely is more crucial than getting to a destination fast.

●       Speeding

Speeding stands as a prominent factor contributing to car accidents in St. Louis. By surpassing the designated speed limits, drivers reduce their ability to respond promptly to obstacles or traffic alterations, consequently elevating the chances of a collision. Moreover, speeding can amplify the impact force at the time of a crash, causing severe injuries.

Reducing this risk is easy. Adhere to the posted speed limit and adjust your driving speed according to traffic and weather conditions. If you find yourself running late, always remember that arriving safely takes precedence over punctuality.

●       Drunk Driving

Drunk driving poses a significant threat and is a primary contributor to car accidents in St. Louis. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol results in impaired reaction times, compromised coordination, and diminished judgment, thereby increasing the risk of causing accidents.

It is crucial to never drive if you have consumed alcohol. Instead, people should opt for alternative options, such as utilizing ride-sharing services or designating a sober driver to ensure their and others’ safety.

●       Distracted Driving

Any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the road can be categorized as a distraction, such as talking on the phone, texting, drinking, adjusting the radio, eating, and engaging in conversations with passengers.

To prevent distracted driving, maintain a singular focus on the road while operating a vehicle. Keep your phone out of reach, finish all eating or drinking before you start the journey, and minimize conversations with passengers that can be the point of distraction.

●       Weather Conditions

Finally, harsh weather conditions in St. Louis can cause car accidents. The presence of fog, rain, ice, and snow often makes the roads slick and brings down visibility. It results in collisions and injuries. Ideally, it’s best not to travel under poor weather conditions. But if at all one has to, it is best to drive slowly and ensure that your car has the necessary windshields and tires that you might need.

Getting Legal Assistance for a Car Crash in St. Louis

Even when you exercise utmost caution, there is a scope for car accidents in the streets of St. Louis. In such cases, St. Louis personal injury lawyers can be of help. They can help you file a complaint to get compensated for your injuries, property damage, emotional distress, and other financial losses.

TorHoerman Law states that the Missouri state’s statute of limitations restricts the time available for people to file a legal complaint after an accident. It means after you have encountered an accident, you shouldn’t waste time procrastinating whether or not you must file a complaint.

People who got hurt in a car accident and it wasn’t their fault could get compensated for the time lost at work, medical bills, their suffering, and pain.


The saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” works aptly when you are driving in St, Louis. Accidents that result from distracted driving and speeding can be avoided by abiding by the necessary traffic rules and conscious driving.

When it comes to bad weather, you can either avoid going out or take the necessary precautions and drive safely. However, despite all your precautionary measures, if you encounter a car crash, it is essential to seek both medical and legal assistance.

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