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First step shoes – the inspiration for modern designs

Children’s first step shoes have in recent years. Become a little different from. What we were used to before. The companies, models and designs just kept growing and evolving and the shoes, which used to be very simple, became adult shoes, just small. The shoes with the Spiderman paintings and the lights (which fortunately still exist). Have been replaced with shoes with more elegant designs and ones designed to attract. The attention of the parents more than that of the children.


But why is this happening?

Why did this change occur and what is the source of it? These questions have a simple answer. This change is happening because our world is changing and trying to find new and different designs that will catch the customer’s eye (and as we said, aimed at parents and not children) and also because we live in a time where appearance is extremely important and if you do not look good, at least in terms of attire, look at you different.

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The source of these design changes, which apply to fashion in general and not just the shoes category, came from the thing that has become very central in our lives in the last decade – social media. Every person who has an influence on social networks – singers, actors, models and athletes, pushes one product or trend or another. His followers see this and try to emulate him because it is now the confessor.

In this article, we will present the change that has taken place in first step shoes due to the entry of social networks into our lives. We will go over the shoe parts and explain how each and every part has changed and has become a very important part in choosing the shoes.


First step shoes for children – around the shoe


Around the shoe, or in its professional name – the limb, whose entire basic purpose is simply to keep the foot, has become one of the most boring part of the shoe, one that has breathed life into it in modern designs. In the past, this part of the shoe was in one color which is the color of the shoe (white, black, etc.).


Today, the limb is colorful. With different prints and paintings and sometimes the company name is written on it. These modern designs have made the limb from a very dull and banal part of the shoe to one. That can not be ignored and it catches. The eye as soon as one sees the shoe.


First step shoes for children – the inner padding


In the past, the upholstery was extremely simple and consisted of a simple fabric pad. Today, the upholstery is much more serious with many and varied features that help keep the foot even more. In the past, there was no awareness of ergonomics, but today it is one of the important issues in the manufacture of shoes, tables, chairs and more.


In today’s pads there is a very great consideration for comfort and helping the child’s development. Many shoe insoles have a special gel that provides comfort and helps absorb the shock from the ground that the foot receives while walking or running. The pad helps the development of the foot in that it is shaped. By the foot and not the other way around, Which is very important for natural development. Here, too, the upholstery, made design changes and a piece of cloth or sponge, it has become a real masterpiece with eye-catching paintings and engravings.


First step shoes for children – the tongue of the shoe


The tongue of the shoe is responsible for the closure and sealing of the shoes. Here too, as in the limb part, the tongue of the shoe was also a very dull part of the shoe and had a uniform color and laces. Today, the colors are already different, varied and sometimes there is a combination of several colors together in the tongue of the shoe, the addition of paintings or ornaments such as pins or studs. Even the laces have become more shaped and come in different colors.


First step shoes for children – the part of social networks


So far we have explained the changes that have taken place in first step shoes over the years. Now, we will explain the role of social networks in the subject. The ones who are causing these changes are, as we have already said, the celebrities and the various web anchors. Their part in this is that they set the trends today and they determine what is in fashion and what is not.


When the changes in fashion happen regularly and the different and special designs come into our lives, there is a demand for a change in the designs of the shoes as well. With leopard print pants for example, leopard print shoes fit, with a red shirt, it is best to wear red shoes.


When these design changes came in, those who got the same shoes, are the celebrities who wore them for their boys and girls and uploaded them to the chains. Thus, these special shoes entered the consciousness of the public who ran to buy them so that it would have the last word in fashion. Thus, social networks, which provide a platform for celebrities and social anchors, push all kinds of products, not just fashion products and increase the culture of consumption, have led to fashion changes that included changes in the content of children’s shoes.

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