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Getting Ready for Being a Mom

What it’s Like to Be A Parent

You know that feeling when you’re falling out of an airplane waiting for your parachute to open? Well, if you’ve jumped out of an airplane you do. If you haven’t, you can only imagine. You might get close to reality. We’ve all stood too near an edge and felt “the willies” deep in our innards. It’s not quite the same as jumping out of a plane, though, is it?

That’s parenthood for you. You can watch skydivers. You can have them describe the experience. You can even get somewhat near it yourself. But until you jump out of that airplane with a parachute, you can’t quite understand the reality of it. But what do you do before you skydive?

What it’s Like to Be A Parent

You learn how to pack a chute, you learn about drogue chutes, you learn about secondary chutes, you learn about all kinds of things. What you learn prepares you for the main event. Then, you’re equipped to do the best you possibly can when it’s time to bail out of the plane.

Now certainly, some people have to jump out of a plane with no prep at all, because it’s crashing. Some parents have to be parents unexpectedly. And like the unexpected skydiver, they may make it to a safe place when the excitement is over. Still, if you’re not prepped, that’s the best way to run into problems. So consider, at minimum, the following points.

1- Your OB/GYN is Very Important

An OB/GYN helps you know what your body will do as the baby is carried to term, and after the child is delivered. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to find an OB/GYN before you become pregnant. They’ll check in with you once a month, and weekly as you get near to term.

2- The Value of a Lactation Consultant

When it comes to breastfeeding, common problems include sore paps, failure to express, failure to produce, latch issues, and much more. Some mothers don’t have problems here, others do. If you’re going to do the job right, seek prenatal breastfeeding advice so you know what you’ll likely have to deal with.

3- Being Close to Family, Friends, and Support Options

3- Being Close to Family, Friends, and Support Options

Family is there for you during emergencies. Friends are there when your family isn’t available. If you don’t have friends or family, parental support networks can literally be lifesavers. Be sure you’ve got access to all three as best you can.

Being Prepared for Motherhood

Be close to family and friends, find a parental support network. Also, secure a lactation consultant you trust, and find an OB/GYN. There are other things you’ll want to do as a mom, and other experts to consider.

These three primary things will do a lot to help prepare you for the adventure of parenthood, though. Like skydiving, you’ve got to jump into the situation to really understand what it’s like.

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