Glam Up these Winters With Newer Makeup Boxes

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It’s been a long while since we haven’t been out carefree. COVID-19 has had us all covering our faces with masks. We forgot about the custom Makeup Boxes boxes, the eyeliner boxes, and that beautiful bronzer pack. However, let’s mark it done, and move on!

A lot of us haven’t dolled up properly in a long while. Now when we are all moving to the recovery phase, many of us have decided to resume our routines. In the past few months, a lot of new makeup ideas have surfaced, and we are literally loving everything. To add to it, the winter chill creeping into the air has made it all more interesting. Although we haven’t been able to enjoy the last two winters, we are going to glam it up this time. Do you have any plans? Well, we have! Let’s share them here and slay these winters. So, folks, it’s time to give up on the dull lipstick and show off with bright bold lip gloss and winged eyeliner.

Glossy Lip Colors and Makeup Boxes

While you are at it, let’s make it simple and short. This is going to be a year of full-on gloss with glittery iridescent eyes. After the matte lip colors, shiny lip glosses are back. It seems as though this trend is going to stay for some time now. Of course, we have been through a pandemic, we all deserve something glitzy now.From your favorite celebrities to fashion models, you might be seeing a lot of people wearing shiny vibrant lip glosses. It’s time to check out lip gloss boxes to choose the one for you!You have the opportunity to use colored lip glosses or go for a clear one. Applying clear lip gloss on top of matte lipstick is a great idea. It will enhance the color, and gives you the option to use as many colors as possible. Although matte lip colors have stayed for a long time, many people haven’t liked the idea. This is partially because of the drying effect of matte lip colors. Just as people haven’t liked the matte lipsticks, some people haven’t linked the oily ones either. This is because a standard lip gloss is too sticky to use for everyday life. In this case, lip oil is your best friend!

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Winged Eyeliner

Enough talk about glossy lips, let’s talk about eyeliner! Are you someone who has enjoyed the dark black, winged, and thick eyeliner? If yes, this is the year for you. Let’s get back to trying a black and brown eye pencil all over the upper and lower lid. Don’t forget the waterline as well.

If you want a more bold look, use your brush to smudge the product under your eye. Moreover, the messier it is, the better it looks! Moreover, you can add a cat-eye look by adding wing to your eyeliner and using a lens. Glamorous, isn’t it?

Cream blush 

No more dry skin under makeup! Make sure you prep your skin well before using any foundation or loose powder. Moreover, these winters we have brought another great choice for you!

Try out the cream blush with glamorous and soft tones. Powder products are not a good choice if you have dry skin. It means stripping your skin of your natural oils, leaving it dull and drab. Thanks to the cream products that are here to save the day!Moreover, the best thing about cream blush is that it’s long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about losing the powder after a while. Additionally, if you want more sparkle, add a little bit of shimmer to it – or use it with a highlighter.Get your summer glow in dry and drab winter months. Isn’t it great?

Sparkly Eyes

Talked about glossy lips, winged eyeliner, and cream blush – what are we missing? Sparkly eyes! This is one of my favorite winters Makeup Boxes trends.If you love glitters, you are in good times. These winters the goals is to load up your eyes with your favorite glitter shades. Use the glitters on your lid, and smudge it gently to the corners. Alternatively, you can complement it with a smokey eye to give it a more outgoing look!A fan of smokey eyes would love to use darker shades of purple, gold, and green to glam up the night look. Additionally, a pair of fluttery long eyelashes will further add to its beauty of it. It feels more like vibing 70s in 2022 with a little tint of more extravagant makeup choices. The best bet is to play with your glitters, and make a point in between the makeup looks of 70s and 2022!

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it time to go shopping and buy your favorite makeup products? Don’t forget to read the instructions on the Custom makeup boxes. Make sure that your custom lip gloss boxes specify “gloss” or “sparkle” in order to glam up!

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