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Healthy Fast Foods? : a smarter way to eat what you want

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Even if someone is a fitness freak, once in a while all of us crave for delectable treats that will comfort us. Researchers and health experts repeatatively suggest for us to manage our diets in a moderate fashion without having to be too rigid.

Organically sourced food are actually better and clean for our system. Not every one of your favourite ingredients will be pesticide free but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat a particular product. The multitude of unverified information that we stumble upon each day is ridiculous. Fast food by definition implies a speedily cooked meal whereas we associate it only with high calorie junk foods.

You can successfuly cook a meal/snack with healthy items and make it fast as well, we will learn all about that in this article.

Why would need to eat meals that aren’t time consuming?

When we order out or are opting for take away, it is mainly because we don’t have or want to spend too much time cooking. Meanwhile you become naive about what should be entering your system, then we try to self-diagnose and take weigh loss pills like lipozene, xenical, meridia etc.

Fast food is relatively cheap and convenient which is perfect when we are living in a modern fast paced society. Eating high calorie foods shouldn’t mean that you are intaking meals that are nutrient deficient and mostly lack vegetables or fresh fruits.

There are healthy fast food breakfast options, for instance ragi pancakes with sausage filling and yogurt dip can be filling as well as delicious to start your day. Being creative about what you like can ease a lot of eating issues.

How to cleverly cut calories from the meals you love?

  • Aim for ingredients that are low in saturated fats (butter, bacon, cheese ) as it will not provide you with the energy you need for that particular time. Saturated fats take more time and effort from your body to burn.
  • Fast foods that we typically find in a restaurant/cafe consists of fatty meat cuts, sauces filled with preservatives and negligible amounts of fiber and minerals. You should definitely avoid trans fat, supposedly it is the worst kind of fat you can consume.
  • You can add toppings to the meal you’re eating and make it healthier, like by adding a serving of chopped almonds, grated cheese, carrot or apple sticks or sprouts.

How to regulate your order when eating out?

As it is highly unrealistic to only consume healthiest foods in the world that too all the time, we should not fall into the trap of viewing healthy recipes to be boring and bland tasting. On the contrary, it can be quite delicious if you have knack for experimenting with your diet.

  • Control your portions while ordering. You don’t need a side of crinkle fries to go with your big juicy burger. We have to understand that mindless eating habits will definitely lead to heart, kidney or other organ failures. We just need to fulfill our daily quota of calorie ingestion.
  • Preparation of a particular food hikes up it’s calorie content, like in deep frying, pan frying etc. So abstaining from these and choosing options like baking, air frying, roasting, boiling will be better for your health.

Fast food can be made suitable and healthy only if you are being concious about it. Making little changes can go a long way as stated in the butterfly effect. A lot recipes come across as healthy but in actuality aren’t that nutrient dense. We hope this article has changed your mindset on eating healthy.

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