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Are you a sucker for digital objects? Well in this digital era who does not fit in with the smart gadgets. But are these gadgets really beneficial or are they just an added burden to your daily tasks?

We do remember the time when we just had a few limited materials to work with and this does not hindrance in any way. In fact, the digi era has been an hindrance as well, earlier you got to check your phone for any notifications received but that have changed now, one can check for the notifications right in their smartwatches screen, they keep on pinging and you can check it then and there without using the phone.

Increased digital engagement

This has definitely increased the digital engagement around you, one can get the information from anywhere they want to. But what are the ill effects? Does this cause any physical issues as well?

You are working for 10-12 hours a day and that count has been drastically increased during the pandemic. Not just that, even to take breaks from your elongated working hours, one switches to digital screens. They relax by scrolling through their feed and by binge watching some series or a movie. Many even switch to playing games as well. This way it becomes quite difficult to escape the vicious cycle of digital traps.

How could one possibly avoid the use of digital screens? And the issue of screens is not just limited to the adults. Even the children have to face almost the same concern as that of adults. As children got to spend their schooling and college work through screens and not just that. They also had to complete their homeworks and fill in their assignments online and study online.

There are several effects associated with the excessive exposure to blue light and we are very less aware of it.

What is blue light?

Blue light is nothing but part of the visible light spectrum, they are majorly emitted from natural and artificial sources. Natural source being the Sun and artificial being the digital screens and LED lights as well.

Now the thing is that many of us do not spend time in the sun, so the blue light from the sun is not that harmful. Whereas, we spend more than half of our time in front of the screen, so the blue light from the screen does affect the vision of the screen.

How do these lights affect the eyes?

When it comes to blue light emission, these lights were associated with memory boosting and even increased attention span. But that soon changed due to overexposure of these lights from the digital screens as we spend most of our time in front of it.

Now when overexposed to these lights, one might experience increased eye strain and fatigue. Many have been experiencing major and minor headaches as well. These are the few effects that are generally experienced by the people when being exposed to the blue light.

And the situation is that one cannot avoid or switch from the use of a digital screen hence, the effects even hindarce the productivity of the person as they won’t be able to work with concentration if these negatives keep affecting them.

Did you know that by looking at the digital screen for longer hours one can even be affected by the dry eyes situation and even in some cases this might get serious as well.

Did you know that these blue lights are capable of even messing with your circadian rhythm. They are able to alter your sleep cycle, as when we use the digital screens at night in low lighting conditions, these lights send in effect as if it is already daylight. And that is why your brain wakes up and does not feel sleepy.

How to prevent such a situation?

There are various ways in which one can prevent the effects of blue light. But first, one must visit the specialist regarding the eyecare issues and take the remedies as suggested.

It is usually suggested to switch to blue light filter glasses, these glasses are perfect to block the blue lights emitted from the digital screens. Hence, if one uses these glasses while working then all the negatives associated with work while looking at the screen is completely eliminated. And this way the work productivity is automatically increased as one does not have to go through the fatigue and headaches anymore.

When it comes to the dry eyes situation, one must remember to blink regularly, as it acts as a lubricant hence preventing the eyes from getting dry. If one still experiences excessive itchiness and redness around the eyes then one must definitely consult a specialist, they generally provide solutions to add tears to the eyes.

Now, let us talk about the elephant in the room, as discussed, the blue light is able to alter your circadian. We would like you to know that while at night or during the dim light conditions one must try to switch to the night mode on their digital screens and wear blue light glasses. This will effectively stop the rays from entering the eyes. We would generally suggest avoiding using screens at night and the suggested method should only be used in case of an urgent requirement.

Blue light might sound daunting and dangerous and it can be quite harmful, but if one takes in corrective measures to stop the rays from entering the eyes and causing any much harm then switching to screen protection glasses is exactly what you have to do.

Styles of glasses

You might want to try our frames for your blue light needs this year. Here are a few suggestions for blue light glasses in the UK. Always remember, these glasses are just a few suggestions and opportunities are not explored.

Aviator glasses-

Imagine yourself connecting through your screen and still the time where you are working from your home. Your screen meeting would absolutely go doper with these aviator glasses you have chosen for the day. Rogue and aesthetic, these glasses are the trend setters in the glasses realm. These will be sticking around for a longer time than we expect, so make sure to take these beauties for your work stations too.

Cat-eye glasses

Feline pick for your everyday need that is exactly what these glasses are. Bold and fun, every emotions packed in one, cat-eye glasses are among the cult favourites and will be among the desired picks for the years to come,

Round glasses

A charmer in itself, these soft curves have always proved to be among the perfect match for one with the angular features. They have been among the favourites in the glasses realm. One of the earliest shapes to be among the top contenders for being the trend setter of all time. Geek chic and cool at the same time


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