How to Clean Front Load Washing Machine Gaskets

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Washing machines are an integral part of our daily routine. They have made washing clothes much easier. They take up less energy and do more work in just a short span of time. Also, they use less water. Front-load washing machines are actually a boon for all the people who thought that washing clothes is quite a tedious task. Yes, it is! And we aren’t denying the fact. But apart from washing our dirty clothes, do you realize that our washing machine also needs cleaning from time to time. So, how to clean front load washing machine? Well, there are some ways that we can use in order to get rid of the dirt in the machine.

It is important to note that the dirt of our clothes, the yarns from them, often block the machine’s cleaning cycle and make it damaged. The inner gasket of the machine is hampered too because of this. Front-load machines have rubber rings in which dirt tends to settle. This dirt, if not cleaned properly, can damage our clothes. They can create stains on our clothes that might get very hard to remove. So, here is a guide wherein you will find everything regarding how to clean your washing machine gasket. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


How to Clean a Front Load Washing Machine

The washing machine helps us in making laundry easy for us. But it also needs to be cleaned and maintained so that it doesn’t damage our clothes. Below are the two ways in which you can remove all the dirt and grime from the gasket. Have a look!

METHOD 1 – Removing Mildew & Grime

Mildew is a thin white coating that settles around the rubber ring of the machine. This can happen due to the detergents that we use. Hard detergents often leave a residue in the form of mildew. This method must be used once a month to keep your washing machine clean. Here is how you can clean it.

  • Wear gloves and dilute bleaching powder with three liters of water. Bleach can irritate your skin. Therefore, it is important to put on gloves while cleaning. Bleach is an amazing agent that helps in removing mold. Also, make sure you are keeping a window open so that bleach doesn’t irritate your eyes.
  • Take a cloth and dip it in the solution. Squeeze out all the moisture of the cloth and wipe out the affected area or the crevices. Make sure you are saturating the entire cloth in the solution.
  • Set a timer for the bleaching agent to rest on the affected area. Wait for five to seven minutes so that the bacteria on the area have been killed along with the odor. If the mildew is large, then you must wait for 10-15 minutes before you clean it.
  • After 5-10 minutes, take a damp cloth to wipe the gasket. Remove the bleach solution and keep the door of the machine open to air-dry the gasket.
  • You can use baking soda and vinegar in case you do not want to use bleach. Make a spray of these two ingredients and apply it to the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it with a sponge.

So, this is the first method of cleaning the front load washing machine gasket. Now, let us look at another method for the same.


METHOD 2 – Maintenance of the Gasket

It is important to ensure that the gasket does not have any residue left after washing clothes. Thus, in order to maintain the washing machine gasket, it must be cleaned regularly.

  • After washing the clothes, you must check the gasket for the things that might have been stuck in it. Things like bobby pins, coins, hair, etc., can damage the gasket to a great extent.
  • Remove wet clothes from the machine as soon as the cycle ends. If the clothes are kept in the machine for a long time, it can cause the gasket to be damaged.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the gasket after every cycle. Make sure you are using a clean cloth so that no bacteria or moisture is transferred into the fabric. To get the moisture out of the crevice, pull the gasket backward.
  • Keep the door of the machine open to let it air-dry. Let the moisture evaporate completely before you close the door of the machine.
  • Deep clean the machine at least once a month to prevent moisture or bacteria from growing inside. For this, you can run a hot-water cycle without any clothes in it to clean it effectively. This will prevent the damage of the gaskets along with clothes as well.

So, these are some of the ways regarding how to clean front load washing machine. It is essential to have a look at the machine’s manual before using any of the methods mentioned above. Also, it is important to consider the amount of bleaching agent to be used for cleaning. You can use the tips mentioned above to easily clean your washing machine’s gasket. Try any of the methods and tell us your experience!


What are the things that I must keep in mind before cleaning the washing machine?

Firstly, you must never mix vinegar with bleach because it releases chlorine gas that can be harmful to the machine. Secondly, while applying bleach, you must run a fan for ventilation so that it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes. If at all it does, immediately wash your eyes with cold water. These are the two important things that you must keep in mind.


How to remove black mold from rubber?

In order to remove the black mold, you can take 2-3 tablespoons of bleach and mix it with hot water. Make a spray and apply it to the affected area to clean it completely.

How to clean the rubber seal of the front load washing machine?

You can use hot, soapy water to clean the mildew from the machine. Further, you can use a rag or a towel to clean the gasket. Make sure that you wipe underneath the rubber seal as well, to prevent bacteria or moisture.

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