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How to Furnish Your Weekend Home or Farmhouse?

These days everyone is busy with their routine work and “No one has time to stand and stare as infamous poem Leisure”. But as they get free from their heavy office routines or busy schedules like in vacations or weekends they tend to move to their weekend design home or farmhouses to spend quality time with the family, friends, or colleagues. Where they can do many refreshing activities like swimming, having barbecue nights or playing games. If you are planning to build a weekend home or farmhouse then hire experts from Restaurant interior or Restaurant design Dubai to have the best designs. Here are some of the tips to follow while designing your weekend home.

Color Schemes:

Colors can add life to everything without any effort you just have to pick the best color and then just paint it. If your weekend home has a larger loft-type space then you can use bright colors like emerald green, cobalt blue, etc to make it look spacious but not larger. If you have designed it like a cottage then you have to choose the colors like lavender, robin egg blue, or any other this kind of but make sure one thing that every color you use must be welcoming, bright and deep to make your space attractive.


Furniture is another essential element of the weekend home you have to place all the furniture pieces that are comfortable as well as easy to use when it comes to its functioning. Place L-shaped comfy sofas and some trendy furnishing stools to make it look stunning with tables. You can also use some plastic chairs for convenience because these are easy to use and place on the terrace or lawn and also have an umbrella to avoid sunlight.

Make it Like Home:

Make this weekend home a home away from home when it comes to convenience, comfort, and security. Have a swimming pool inside to have the best experience of swimming in the summer season, some playing activities barbecue stalls to enjoy at night with friends or colleagues and you can also arrange some party here because the woody and away from home will make it a wonderful experience.

Add Landscape:

Adding a landscape design will help you a lot to enhance the beauty of your weekend. Home adding different colors of flowers and fragrances to make it more beautiful. You can also cultivate fruits and vegetables there to have fresh fruits and vegetables as they are amazing to eat. For this purpose, you can take help from any landscape designer. Who will help you to removing trees and have what kind of plants and trees are in the place? Add lighting and flower baskets with a fountain in the middle that will make your garden astonishing.


These are some of the simple ideas to make your weekend home outstanding with little effort. Hire an expert from Retail fit-out companies in Dubai to make your weekend home or farmhouse an amazing, comfortable, and secure space.

Author Bio:

Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science, travel, outdoor adventure. Interior if you are looking for a vendor for Home renovation for your product do not worry. Exotic Interior Studio will provide you with the best Interior services at extremely affordable rates.

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