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How to Incorporate Turmeric Powder Into Your Diet?

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Turmeric is a spice that has long been used as an ingredient in many Indian dishes. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have found it to be effective in treating liver disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes. Turmeric powder may be added to almost any food or drink, but here are some of the best ways to get more turmeric into your diet:

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk - Endeavour Articles

Turmeric milk is one of the easiest ways to get turmeric in your diet.

  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder to a cup of warm or cold milk (cow’s, soy, almond or coconut), water or coconut water. You can also add some honey for extra flavour.
  • You can make it warm by adding ½ cup boiling water and leaving it overnight in the fridge, or you can make it cold by adding ice cubes when serving.

Tasty smoothie

Turmeric Tasty Smoothie - Endeavour Articles

Add a teaspoon of turmeric to your morning smoothie. This will help increase the antioxidant levels in your body while also improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. The iron content within turmeric makes it an excellent food for boosting your energy levels and helping you feel less tired throughout the day because it improves circulation by sending more oxygen through your bloodstream. Vitamin B6 can also be found in turmeric, which helps regulate brain function, including mood control and sleep quality.

Flavoured teas

TURMERIC Flavoured Teas - Endeavour Articles

Turmeric, which has a bitter taste, should be added to flavoured teas. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to your tea, and add milk and honey if you want it to taste sweeter. Other spices like cinnamon, cardamom and clove can also be added to give your turmeric tea an extra kick in flavour.


Turmeric Soup | Endeavour Articles

Soup is the perfect way to incorporate turmeric into your diet. You can use it in vegetable or chicken soup, which will add a golden color to the soup and help with digestion, immunity and arthritis symptoms.

Spaghetti pasta sauce

Spaghetti pasta sauce

One teaspoon of turmeric is enough for a sauce for two people. You can add it to your spaghetti pasta sauce while cooking and add some black pepper for a spicy kick. Add some garlic for a rich flavor, onion for a delicious taste and tomato paste for a bright color.

Try adding turmeric powder to your favorite foods to get the health benefits of this spice.

Turmeric is a spice that can be added to many foods. It has several health benefits and has been used as a natural remedy for various health issues.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is shown to have antioxidant properties that may help prevent certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have found that the yellow pigment in turmeric called curcumin can help reduce inflammation in people with arthritis by 50 per cent or more compared with those taking ibuprofen over an eight-week period. Turmeric also provides relief for other health conditions, including high cholesterol levels, digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Crohn’s disease (CD), skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne vulgaris and eczema when taken internally or applied topically.

In conclusion, turmeric powder is an excellent natural food additive to use in your kitchen. It has several health benefits and can boost your immune system and fight illness.

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