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How to Optimize Website Speed in 2022

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If you are facing slow website speed, then it will be the first impression on your clients because it takes a prolonged time to load your website and customers will not linger much. Once your website shows a delay in loading it results in a 16% decline in client satisfaction, 11% fewer views on your page, and 7% modification losses. The delay of your website loading will impact badly on your visitors and eventually on sales, thus there is a need to optimize website speed. Once your client faces difficulty, you won’t get a second chance. As slow website speed might have several reasons including server loading time, image size, or your redirects counts thus, you can improve page loading speed by taking a pack of efforts.

Better Hosting

Because of the low budget, most of the new website holders prefer cheap web hosting plans, but when they start engaging more traffic, they need to upgrade their website hosting. Just like that offers the best web hosting in Pakistan including:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is operated all over the world due to the affordable rates of getting your website online but needs extra struggle to engage more traffic and visitors to the page. It shares the disk space, CPU, and RAM with other websites on the same server. For better optimization, it is important to select a fast web hosting like the best WordPress hosting. Unlike shared hosting, WordPress hosting does not share your server with other websites thus, improving the loading speed and engaging more visitors to your website. It’s worth noting that Elementor, the most popular WordPress website builder, now offers cloud hosting for WordPress.

NVMe SSD Drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is considered as a large, refined USB memory jab that depends on a rooted processor while a hard disk drive (HDD) utilizes a mechanical arm to translocate information towards storage with a read or write head. A solid-state drive (SSD) is 30% quicker than a hard disk drive (HDD) but none of them can compete with NVMe drives. The speed of NVMe SSD is faster than any other drive because it uses distinctively novel tools to gather read/write information at a faster rate. NVMe drives are 6 times faster than the SATA and were developed to increase the running speed of SSD up to the speed of flash memory. If your website desires ultra-modern storage and high-speed web page loading, check out which offers a wide range of website hosting packages along with NVMe SSD drives.

LiteSpeed serve

It is known for its ease of use, and smooth-running web server with high-performance speed and expandability. LiteSpeed server is a faster web server as compared to Apache for PHP, as it increases PHP functioning and safety due to its novel developing and code optimizing capability while serving Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal websites. LiteSpeed server utilizes the least server sources like CPU and memory for thousands of customers at the same time.

LiteSpeed WordPress cache

LiteSpeed WordPress Cache (LSCWP) is an open and free-of-cost plugin. Because of its unique way to set forth the LiteSpeed server and its built-in page cache, it drastically reduces the web page loading time. If you have a slow website problem, then LSCWP is the absolute solution owing to its state-of-the-art optimizing and cache management features. LiteSpeed cache reduces the need for a reverse-proxy layer for add-on cache, thus escalating the speed and efficiency of operating static content as well as elevating dynamic content handling.

Cloudflare CDN

It is a high-speed, active, stable, and secured global network that proposed blistering and expeditious transfer of static as well as dynamic content. Your high-quality website performance can be determined by its secure and fast page loading either, it is a large e-commerce site or a small blog. To gain your customer trust you need to enhance your website performance, Cloudflare CDN is one of the best approaches to reduce server load and bring your website on top as it holds a proxy server between websites and inflowing traffic.

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