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What is Huge Titan? How Rod Reiss Titan Defined the AOT

The Huge Titan is a character in the Manga Anime series known as Attack on Titans (AOT). It’s also called “colossal titan.” The huge thing has got to be one of nine titans and serves as the main antagonist from episodes 1-3, 4th season… if you can call them that way being an anime fan myself!

The Huge titan is a very powerful creature. It can emit steam through its body and control blast during transformation, which makes it an amazing fighter with long-range capabilities for attackers or defenders alike! The first time that we saw this giant was back in 845 AD when it surfaced from the sea as well – what’s more incredible than being old enough to lurk around Europe?

Why did Rod Reiss Titan take on the form of a Titan? What has Marleyans not done with Colossal Titans of their own?

It could be a mix of different things. The serum Reiss consumed was made designed explicitly for Historia, but instead, he licked the floor and ingested only part of it into his bloodstream in order to avoid any side effects that might happen when someone injects themselves with something like this! He wasn’t taking much either – just enough so as not to have an effect on himself while waiting around at home all day doing nothing… But there are some royal members where bloodlines come from which result specifically in having large muscles or even being able to control whether remotely (like manipulating storms). Maybe Derick has relatives who possess these traits?

The Titan that Armin mentioned is huge. It didn’t seem to care about them or even notice their presence, and it just kept moving towards Orvud District with an intention of destroying everything in its path–Wall Sina included! Erwin made this mention during one scene where he’s describing what happened after Eren transformed into an Ackermanns by eating some strange fruit from Petra Ralts’ garden.

“In addition,” says Dr. Steinman as she gulps for air looking terrified while gripping onto her medical kit which now seems much smaller now knowing it has been used up completely.”

There are many different theories that attempt to explain the origin of abnormal titans, like those found in Thomas from ARCtrost. They fail because they didn’t ingest enough serum for it not to form properly or display any traits at all when compared with regular Titans who ingested their correct amount and have perfectly shaped bodies. With this being said there’s always one possibility left open – could Rod Reiss Titan‘ case be due simply because he didn’t Rutherford Hospital where doctors infected him rather than injecting himself correctly?

Reiss was a renowned Titan whose size earned him the name “The Colossus”. He sought to take back his title as Founding Titan, and when he did so? Well… His power grew tenfold! The second time around with these newfound abilities, Reiss became one of Abnormal Titans twice as big (and probably way more dangerous) than before.

The titan shifters:

The Colossal Titan serum was given to Eren. This special transformative fluid can transform him into the “strongest” type of titan, which were thought originally by Rod Reiss not to be ideal for a 60-meter class sized creature like himself because if there’s no consciousness involved then it could become Pure Titans except with that being said he doesn’t know anything about them so who knows what their abilities are or how strong they’ll actually get?

Rod may have altered into the colossal titan of abnormality.

Then why did Marley create an additional 120-meter titan? They would be essentially making the Rumbling. Think about it that having hundreds of these things circulating without being checked would most likely kill us all!


The emission of steam:

The Colossal Titan has a unique ability to control the amount of steam it emits. In normal circumstances, titans emit this substance from their wounds and evaporate after being killed – but not if you’re fighting them with fire! The colossal creature can turn off all that flow at will in order to prevent anyone from getting too close for comfort (or worse). The Colossal Titan is an unstoppable force that can be used for a variety of purposes. With its immense amounts of steam, the pressure and force will burn anyone in proximity to him who isn’t fixed into place; but if they are attached he’ll constantly scorch them with incredible heat at his mercy!

As the user’s strength wanes, an area around them becomes increasingly vulnerable to attacks. If they are not wearing ODM gear at all times then any attack could cause instant defeat for this colossal titan form of theirs. However, with just one layer of clothing or armor impeding on their body there is no way anything less powerful than light snacking will be able to take their own colossus after he has already had some time away from battle! Bertholdt is a huge fan of 3D maneuvering gear and in order to save Eren from the Colossal Titan, he used it with great success.

Transformation by explosion:

The Colossal Titan is a great example of how heat and energy can be used for something other than just transformation. When Bertholdt Hoover attacked Trost, his powerful blast only caused some cadets on Wall to get knocked over with the force from its immense power!

Why did Rod Reiss take on the form of a Titan?

The battle of Shiganshina District was one for the history books. Bertholdt, during his transformation, released an amount of energy akin to a small nuclear device that ravaged part of the district and set it on fire – along with killing many Scout Regiment soldiers who were unfortunate enough to get in its way. In addition, the explosive energy he produced created this massive mushroom cloud that could be seen from miles away!

Armin Arlelt is a terrifying prospect for Marleyan forces, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the power of his ability. What this means in practical terms though is that there really isn’t much left: His most recent attack on Liberio wreaked havoc with its port facilities – leveling everything within reach and wiping out all but one ship inside before setting off into an obliterating explosion which even got inland thanks to some help from wave motion!


The Colossal Titan is a behemoth of destruction, standing at an unseen height of 60 meters. Its size makes it impossible for the creature to move quickly but with enough strength in its legs and body mass from eating humans as sustenance; they can destroy entire houses or send Eren’s Attack titan flying off the ground onto one wall far away from where you are right now! The Colossal Titan’s size and strength are a huge advantage for Armin, but it also limits his mobility. By stepping on top of ships after transforming into the monster he can destroy them with just one footstep!

A brief history:

The Colossal Titan, like all the Nine Titans before it was brought into this world after centuries of being held by warring houses subservient to some sort of Founding Titan. Karl Fritz abandoned his battles and moved on Paradis Island where he found Marley who took over as king following a long-fought Great War between them; they both ended up with one half each from Ymir’s corpse which then made them giants themselves!

Bertholdt Hoover was chosen to inherit the power of a Colossal Titan in 843. He would later make use of his powerful form during Marley and an enemy nation’s war, using it as both defenses for Cart Titans placed him at their location while they destroyed nearby troops from behind; securing victory against these foes who had been planning on invading Paradis Island!

Rod Reiss became a huge Titan instead of being a titan-sized one for some reason?

It’s hard to say if Colossus or T-X is better. It all depends on the perspective you take! One thing is certain, however – Rod swallowing his potent dose of serum made him very powerful indeed and led me here today so I could talk about these two titans in particular with you fine people who have come out tonight because clearly there must be something interesting going down given how many TVs around town show off different fights between superheroes battling each other while simultaneously avoiding getting hit by lightning bolts (let’s not forget Captain America needing help from Iron Man after losing an arm).

There are two main themes in this story, goals, and willpower. The protagonist Rod was resolute enough to transform him into something that could accomplish any objective at times when he had no desire whatsoever for success or change but grew because of his aim anyway- even if it meant growing up big time!

Trond, Rod came from a family of royals. We already know that the royal family has some influence over Ymir by how Frida Reiss erased his memories despite not being founder or leader as of yet – but I suggest there is more going on in this story than what meets the eye! It’s possible he convinced her to create him because she felt closest towards people with similar beliefs and bloodlines (elders).

Levi Ackerman as a Huge Titan?

Which secret makes Captain Levi Ackerman so overpowered in Attack on Titan?

The Ackermans are a race of warriors created by the Eldian Emperors to protect the emperor. They have abilities such as:

The Ymir experiments led to these strong, aggressive people with high fighting skills in defense for their rulers from foes who would try and take over.

The Ackermans are special Subjects of Ymir. They were born with the ability to be an innately capable Subject, but without being assigned a Titan or inheriting one through bloodlines they cannot experience any of its power themselves and instead must depend on other people for that privilege.

Huge Titan Spoilers:

Now that we know what the clue means, let’s look at how Titan bodies are constructed. Following Zeke’s lower body was hit with a blast and after reading some further into it if I tell you now on top of being spoilers will ruin everything for those who have gathered their courage read past this warning about spoilers (which includes an adorable girl Ymir reconstructing his corpse using sand). In a different dimension, where time flows much quicker and the girl creates bodies made of Titans or heals damaged body components that belong to them. Zeke is able to recall this while other people can’t be due to his bloodline royal status.

When the case of Mikasa Ackerman came up, we learned that her Titan shifter abilities were different than most other cases. The main takeaway from this incident is understanding how Titans are formed and another exciting aspect to consider now maybe what mechanism changes them into their powerful forms since it seems like there isn’t one similar for each individual trespasser as they would heal normally with time if left un intervened upon.

With just one touch, your body’s natural moisturizer will be infused with the power to heal. All you have to do is let it sit there for 30 days before destruction day and watch as new cells are created in order to replace old ones!

Huge Titan Spoilers:

Ackermans have interesting biology that may help them understand the transformation principle. I speculate based on evidence at the table and Ackerman himself, but most importantly they possess a unique trait that allows their tissue regeneration rates to increase by 100%.


The Ackermans are Subjects of Ymir, but they possess an immunity to the ability that Founding Titan grants. If I were to come up with a conclusion based on what we’ve seen so far in this manga and assuming for purposes only these Titans can be controlled by one central hub just like all others before them then it would seem logical: if not capable then very likely since most other titans share at least some similarities with their subjects due to time constraints within which creation occurs; therefore it’s unlikely anyone could ever create Huge-type bodies parts specifically designed for Ackerman himself/herself nor any subsequent generations thereof unless granted such power directly through another god or goddess!

When he ingested the colossal Titan, Rod became an enormous human. Regular titans are average-sized people who inject normal fluid and gain specific capabilities when they do so; but since this was a special case with his goal in mind to reclaim it from its founding father – which motivated him more than anything else ever did before or would again at least until there were no other options left available–he grew up huge!

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What Titan does Rod Reiss have?

As a Pure Titan, Rod has no will or thought and is different from a Titan shifter. Rod would fall under the Abnormal Titan type, an uncommon type of Pure Titan we don’t see much of in the series.

2- Why is Rod Reiss such a big Titan?

Titans are humans injected with titan fluid, which makes them normal-sized. However, Rod grew bigger by consuming the colossal titan’s fluid.

3- Is Rod Reiss a mindless Titan?

A mindless Titan likes Rod. In the Reiss chamber, Rod is seen with Kenny Ackerman. It’s he who unlocks Eren’s lost memories of becoming a Titan and devouring Grisha, his father.

4- Why did Rod Reiss lick the Titan serum?

It was only when Rod realized that his cause was hopeless that he transformed himself into a titan. The Titan fluid in his mouth was essentially a suicide attempt.

5- How did Rod Reiss know he shouldn’t become a Titan?

Since the lifespan of a titan is reduced to only 13 years and having the responsibility of passing it on is a burden, Rod Reid chose to be the one who administered the serum to the next Titan.

6- Who is the Titan god?

A group of titans. Prior to the Olympians taking over the earth, the Titans ruled it. King of the Titans, Cronus was dethroned by his son Zeus. In their fight against Zeus, most Titans fought with Cronus and ended up in Tartarus.

7- How did Rod Reiss Titan get the syringe?

He licks the serum exposed to become a monstrous Pure Titan out of desperation. In order to prevent the collapse of the Chapel’s caverns, Eren bites into a vial labeled “Armor” in order to harden his Titan. … Levi receives the injection from him just before he dies.

8- Why did Kenny cut Eren’s forehead?

As Eren wounds himself and transforms, he removes the mouth restraint. Kenny said that if Eren and Historia both win, peace would return if Historia won and nothing would happen if Eren won. Eren’s forehead is sliced open by Kenny to transform him.

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