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Information on Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

The Solitaire Diamond is the most offered engagement ring. Symbol of romanticism since Roman times, this jewel still seduces today. So what are the main reasons for buying a solitaire?

Why Choose a Diamond Solitaire?

The solitaire diamond is a gold, silver, or platinum ring set with a diamond. Due to the simplicity of its shape, the solitaire fits all styles of clothing without interfering with daily work. If it seduces so much, it is because it is elegant, simple, and timeless.

What is the Actual Meaning of Solitaire Diamond?

Traditionally, it is usual for men to ask for the hand of their beloved before marriage. When she accepts the request, they, therefore, make a promise of marriage. This promise is sealed by a solitaire diamond ring. If this jewel has become the classic of engagements, it is because it perfectly represents the promises that lovers exchange for their future unions.

The engagement is defines as the period between the marriage proposal and the official declaration before the altar, the authorities, and the families. Thus, the solitaire diamond as an engagement ring represents the proof of eternal and unchanging love between two people.

It exposes to the knowledge of all, the will of the lovers to unite mutually. Although there is a wide variety of rings, none can express as well as the solitaire the emotions shared by lovers for their engagement. The round is often cites as an example of an original solitaire engagement ring; however, its oblong shape makes it fragile.

In addition, “round” sizes are knows to visually lengthen the wearer’s finger. It can therefore only be worn by a woman with short, thin fingers; otherwise, the optical effect would be null and void. The round is, therefore, less advantageous than the solitaire which suits everyone and has better resistance to be worn every day.

The modernization of jewelry has allows over the years the birth of different styles of alliance however, they cannot be considers as rings of the alliance since their usefulness is quite different. The wedding ring is the wedding ring, the one that brides exchange in front of the altar to commit themselves as husbands and wives. The wedding ring represents a legally binding contract before God.

What is a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring?

What is the symbolism of a solitaire versus other types of rings?

The solitaire diamond engagement Ring highlights a precious stone with a particular setting. Indeed, the stone is maintains in height on the ring by at least four claws. Since it is the stone that is in the spotlight, it must be chosen with great care. It is also because it is founds alone that we speak of a diamond solitaire in white, pink, yellow, or platinum gold. There are solitaire stones as solitaire stud earrings, pendants for necklaces, or bracelets.

The solitaire stone makes its beauty and originality. The ring uses for the design of the solitaire is usually made of a precious metal. Silver, platinum, and various shades of gold are the most exported metals. They can be uses bare or set with tiny stones, in this case, we speak of accompanies or pavé solitaire. The shape of the ring is not being normalizes; it can take various forms according to the tastes of each one. So, you can buy a solitaire with a double ring, a curved ring, or a ring designed following geometric shapes.

Why the 18k engagement ring with a solitaire diamond is the most popular women’s ring purchase?

A carat is a unit of purity of precious metals such as gold. Thus, 18 carat gold is composed of 75% pure gold for 25% alloy. Gold as a raw material is not rigid enough to support the jewelry making process. So other metals are including to it to make it more malleable.

When it comes to jewelry, 18-karat gold represents the ideal alloy between the amount of pure gold and the other metals associated with the alloy to increase its resistance. This is the reference mixture for the creation of stainless and non-allergenic jewelry. We understand better why buying an 18 carat solitaire engagement ring has become very popular.

Why does the price of a solitaire ring essentially depend on the value of the center diamond?

And its quality criteria, the famous 4Cs: carat weight, clarity, color, and size of the diamond;

The price of a diamond is the one that affects the price of the jewel on which it is wear. The quality and value of a diamond are determines by its carat weight. The material is weight with precision because the value of a stone of 1.00 carat is incredibly more expensive than that of 0.99 carats. To avoid any situation of doubt, the diamond is weight using electronic microbalances.

Thus, the significant factor in determining the price of a diamond is its weight. Whether it is big or tiny does not impact the value of the material. The first selection criteria observed in the catalogs take into account the weight of the stone and the price range for this reason. It is then that other criteria are includes to refine the choice.

Between two stones of identical weight, the price difference is made at the level of purity, color, certificate, quality of cut, and shape. To choose a diamond, you must therefore first define your quality criteria for a diamond while taking your budget into account.

4C’s Of Solitaire Diamond:-

The classic selection criterion for diamonds are calls the 4C’s: Diamond Carat (for weight), Diamond Clarity (for purity), Diamond Color (for color) and Diamond Cut for size.

The purity of a diamond indicates the existence or not of the imperfections of the stone. A surface fault occurs when certain flaws are seen on the surface. When they find themselves inside the stone, it is about inclusion. The inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and their presence gives character to the diamond.

Characteristics Of Solitaire Diamond

Moreover, gemologists present them as internal characteristics. Note, however, that the stones with the fewest internal imperfections or which can be seen as little as possible have their degree of purity increase and their price with it.

The diamond is a colorless and scintillating stone of the different colors of the rainbow. But, diamonds are usually white and some are even tinged with yellow. When the tint of yellow exceeds a certain threshold, the color of the stone is no longer recognizes as being white. We then speak of colored diamonds. So calling white diamonds are graded from D to Z by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The letter Z refers to diamonds with the yellowest tint and is considers low quality.

Getting the perfect cut for a diamond is complex work. To succeed in his work, the diamond cutter must carefully consider the optical properties of each rough stone. Also, the weight of the diamond partly determines the volume to look for. For a round stone of 0.5 carats, you must have an average of 5.1 mm in diameter to judge a good size.

The price of a 1 carat round solitaire diamond ring can also vary depending on the choice of metal: a platinum solitaire diamond will be more expensive than a gold diamond ring, for example.

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