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Know PDF software built for better business

Sharing vital information amongst collaborators in business can be troublesome. You want to make sure that content shared through documents appears the same for all collaborators. That’s why PDF is indispensable for business.

With the (Portable Digital Format) PDF, you’re 1000% confident that the content you share stays intact, and appears the same for all collaborators; irrespective of their device, operating system, or pdf reader. There’s a couple of outstanding pdf software built for better business, which you should consider using. Discover in this article, some of the best pdf editing software this year.

Our list of best pdf editors is based on user numbers, expert rankings/awards, and more importantly, user reviews – because users matter most. But first, here are a few important points to keep in mind when choosing a pdf editor app for your business…

Consider the best tool that suits Your needs

  • The price range: As the saying goes; you get what your pockets can afford. The price range varies for this kind of software, the best, the most expensive. But go for what your business can afford. We’ll be sharing some of these prices with you, to help with your decision. Unfortunately, a free pdf editor will hardly meet all your business demands.
  • Minimum features: At the minimum, every pdf software should allow you to create pdf documents from nothing or scanned images, read and convert documents. You should also be able to export and share documents with others. Most free apps will offer these. For more, you’ll have to go for paid options.
  • Cross-platform: Go for a versatile tool that works across the web, pc, and mobile. Should you have to fire up a desktop app every time you need to edit pdf files? You should be able to edit pdf file online whenever and wherever you want.
  • Signatures, annotations, comments: These features are primordial for business. Being able to add legal e-signatures to documents is important in today’s world. Annotations and comments are also indispensable for collaborative projects and should be on the feature list of your choice of editor. Although the signature feature can be done by some online PDF editors, it is still a must-have point to consider.
  • Editing Text: Text editing should be a feature on your priority list. A few pdf editors, especially the paid ones go above and beyond with text editing. With these tools, you can alter the text/content on pdf documents as though it were a word file.
  • Reputation and Security: All company information is sensitive. Thus, security is a must-have for whatever tool you choose. Check that the files you share across these platforms are protected by encryption algorithms. Great pdf software protects your privacy through restrictions, passwords, and two-step authentication.

Follow these tips to reduce some of the overwhelm, as you pick the best pdf text editor for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pdf software to consider for your business in 2022.

PDF software built for better business

#1. Adobe Acrobat

No coincidence, Adobe Acrobat is arguably the best pdf software on the market. Want the truth? Adobe invented the PDF. So there is no doubt, Adobe is the king of PDF editing.

Adobe has a suite of pdf applications that run across mobile, web, and desktop (Windows, Mac). Acrobat will turn your phone into a serious business weapon. Its chrome extension lets you edit pdf online free with your chrome browser.

In summary, Adobe’s online pdf editor lets you;

  • Convert from any format to pdf.
  • Edit pdf documents with notes, annotations, and comments.
  • Compress pdfs.
  • Manage pdf pages.
  • Add your e-signature to docs.

Adobe Acrobat DC pdf software is the ideal paid tool for businesses like yours. You can create, edit, convert, export, and share pdfs like a professional. Adobe Standard DC starts at $12.99/month, while the pro package takes off at $14.99.

#2. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit is an age-old pdf editing tool that has also dominated the market since the arrival of the PDF. A tool that lets you edit PDFs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Foxit is everywhere, even on the web, with its online pdf editor!

Lead features:

  • Legally add your e-signature to pdf documents.
  • Enjoy working with collaborators; use comments and annotations to communicate through your PDFs.
  • Completely edit the text as word processors would do. Update text size, line spacing, font, and text color, as you please.
  • Create the perfect document by adding headers, footers, images, shapes, tables, and watermarks.
  • Edit multiple documents at once; compress, separate, and fuse your PDFs with ease.
  • Great security you can count on, with passwords, digital signatures, or Microsoft AIP.


Foxit Pdf editor regular subscription:

  • $182 for one-time
  • $90 yearly,
  • $17.25 monthly.

Foxit Pdf editor Pro subscription:

  • $205.94 for one-time,
  • $113.90 Yearly,
  • $19.55 Monthly

#3. DocHub

8 million users trust DocHub pdf editor for their work, thanks to its ease of use and efficiency. The tool is popular for its signature feature, allowing users to legally e-sign documents. DocHub offers essential pdf editing elements across multiple platforms, including; annotations and comments.

Creating, editing, importing, and filling pdf forms is pretty facile with DocHub. You can also count on their security services; 2.0 authentication and encryption protocols to keep your pdfs safe.

DocHub offers free, reliable online pdf software you can get started with, or you can invest in its monthly subscription packages to get the best-advanced pdf software features for your business.

#4. Soda pdf

Here is one of the most easy to use online pdf editors on the markets today by reputation and user reviews. The suite of pdf editing features you’ll be getting is pretty much the same as every other tool on this list. You’ll produce, alter, convert and e-sign pdfs with very few clicks. Such an easy pdf editor at your fingertips.

Soda goes a little above the board, letting you format or remove text on your pdf pages. Splitting your files into multiple pages, or grouping multiple pages into a single document are the benefits you’ll get with this app.

Soda offers a downloadable pdf editor for pc in case you want to edit pdfs offline. There’s also an online version, if the Internet is where you reside. So you can work across multiple devices, even on mobile.


You can download Soda pdf for free, but the paid packages are necessary for effective and productive work. $6.75, $10.5, and $16.75 for regular, Professional, and business plans respectively, billed monthly.

#5. Kofax pdf software

Kofax is built for better business, ideally. Perhaps we saved the best for last? All your pdf editing needs in one place. Create pdfs, edit them, place your e-signature and then share them with your teammates.

But that’s not all; you can create, customize, and fill up pdf forms with ease. Accurate conversions are also possible from and to all formats. Security? yes, you can count on their restriction service, and encrypted passwords to keep your documents untouchable.

Kofax measures itself to Adobe Acrobat, only… It’s cheaper. You can get a lifetime regular plan for $129, Mac and Windows devices. Kofax is your preference pdf editor mac. The Pro plan is a little more expensive, but it’s totally worth it

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