Kraft Retail Boxes - A Cost Effective Way of Packaging Your Goods

Kraft Retail Boxes – A Cost Effective Way of Packaging Your Goods

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Custom Kraft boxes have a very long tradition of being used as packaging for foods and other items. In earlier days, this type of boxes is usually manufactured in the United States and after that sold all around the world. Today, most of the suppliers in the USA distribute custom boxes made in the USA. However, there are some companies, which import the boxes made in the USA and sell them abroad.

Beauty Products

Most of the time these custom boxes are made in all-natural brown shade but there are also custom boxes that you can apply for your product packaging ranging from the food items like cheese and jam to the beauty products like lotions, perfume and cosmetics. Kraft packaging boxes are generally used for lighter weight products which come in various types of shapes such as Kraft custom boxes for luggage or suitcases. These items can be packed very light by using these boxes which can also be used to pack heavy appliances such as vacuum cleaner and steam cleaners. Other household items, which can be packed using these boxes include coffee cups, saucers, plates and even cutlery. There are also some items that cannot fit in the average box such as the water bottles that are used for taking mineral waters and water from the taps.

Use Custom Kraft Boxes

Some of the brands which use custom Kraft boxes as packaging include Krims, Schloss, Pfaltzgraff, talks, Stern, Wedges, Wilsonart, Paravent and many more. You can choose the kind of material and the color of the packaging boxes that you want to go with your products. Most of the boxes contain a printed label that is laminated on both sides so that they will last longer. They are available in almost any shape or size according to what is available in the market.

Window Boxes

The box generally has a window and one of the sides contains a foam core which is called the flaps. The other side of the window boxes has natural brown or natural white color, which is embossed or painted. Boxes generally have two flaps and, on both sides, there is a glued strip which is referred to as an open-latch. The brown colored boxes are known as the Kraft window boxes, while the ones made of white or natural brown color are known as the brown Kraft window boxes.

Best Quality Custom Boxes

The best quality custom boxes are made of hardwood and the best quality packing tape is used. For example, you should never find a brown Kraft window box with open-latch printed on it. This tape is only used in order to prevent leakage when the box is opened while the tape protects the Kraft brand as well. Kraft window boxes are considered as a best quality packaging material by most of retailers.

Kraft Packaging

However, not all Kraft packaging is made of such high quality. You can easily find some Kraft window boxes which are not manufactured with the best quality. Such boxes usually use inferior paper stock and they do not have the best-looking custom boxes with them. If you want the most affordable packaging material then you should go for polyester-based packing material. In fact, the recent development in the printing industry has helped manufacturers to create more colorful custom boxes with high-quality printing on them.

Extremely Low-Cost Packaging

On the contrary, if you are looking for extremely low-cost packaging then you should go for wholesale die-cut window boxes. They are sold at a very cheap price and are available in a large variety of colors and shapes. Die-cut window boxes are generally created using superior paper stock and they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Generally, you should not find any difference in these boxes other than the color. In fact, they are also available in various plastic flavors.

Free Shipping

Apart from custom boxes, you can also find many other Kraft products with free shipping. In addition to all these things, you can also buy Kraft paper towels and paper napkins along with the packaging. Apart from all these free shipping offers, you should also make sure that you buy Kraft branded products. In fact, it would be beneficial for you in the long run as Kraft items are designed and crafted in a way that they are highly durable and they can withstand various weather conditions.

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