The Best Ways to Monetize Facebook Videos

The Best Ways to Monetize Facebook Videos

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Facebook has become the epitome of revenue generation for creators and brands. The social media networking site has billions of followers all around the world, and it has now become the epitome of content creations and generations with monetization options included by Meta business tools, Facebook videos and much more. The development of automation tools with social media branding has helped multiple brands to put a step up and make the Facebook page more profitable for use. Here is a guide on ways to Monetize Facebook Videos.

 Best Ways to Monetize Facebook Videos

1. Brand Collabs Manager

One of the biggest and possibly the best ways for money generation through Facebook is by taking the help of the Brand Collabs Manager. This is a new feature introduced by Meta that helps to fill the bridge between content creators and brands. With the help of this feature, Facebook allows you to take an advanced step for influencer marketing in the brands. This allows you to pay for the content that the creators can work on. This feature helps the brands to collaborate between influencers as well as brands through the same platform. In simple words, if you have the opportunity to be a creator in this platform, this feature will help you to get monetize your video. At the same time, it is an opportunity for the brands to generate more money through clientele.

Facebook offers everyone to sign-up for the Brand Collabs Manager. However, there are certain rules and conceptions which you can follow up if you need to be a creator. The perspectives are available from both advertisers and creators’ points of view. A good video will be spotted by advertisers and will also be accountable as a branded video. The advertisements may be of different niches and might also allow you to get a better result. This program is an excellent way in which contents different niches can be brought together.

 Best Ways to Monetize Facebook Videos

However, there are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow while trying to go to monetization. Here are some rules and regulations that you need to consider:

  • The Content creator must have a minimum of 1000 active followers on the application.
  • The post engagement rates become much more important with a minimum of 15000 per post.
  • When it comes to Facebook videos, the creator must have at least 3000 hours of watch time for a past 60 days.
  • Another important rule is that the page must have at least 30K of one-minute views when it comes to past 60 days.

2. Fan Subscriptions

The next most important thing in Facebook is the option of having fan subscriptions. Without fans, having a social media account as an influence is not much of help. But if you have genuine fans, turning them into money making option will be of much help. But, it is important for you to have real fans that are willing to pay for your contents. Facebook has adapted this mechanism from the Pateron’s architecture allowing the creators to place a subscription based model.

The fans subscription model comes with a great effect for most content creators which allow them to make cash out of the followers. If you have a large follower base, you can create a subscription based model where your followers can purchase for the content that you create and make out of it. The fans subscription allows you to get the users to pay for the views. This Facebook application gives you the opportunity to turn your regular followers into a grown audience which will provide a great result.

However, there are different aspects of the subscription based model which you need to keep in mind while generating money. These posts can be categorized into different aspects which include subscriber-only posts and multiple other options like locked posts and exclusive contents. Creating such posts will allow you to get a great result. The goal is basically to keep up the regular content which will help you to get a great result.

Apart from this simple rules and regulations, here are some technical aspects of the fan subscription models. Here are a few steps:

  1. You need to pay a complete attention to the App Store Guidelines for Subscriptions, Fan Funding Creator Terms, and Facebook Monetization Standards.
  2. The creator must have atleast 10000 followers on the page. The return views must be more than 250.
  3. You must have more than 50000 post engagements when it comes to the past 60 days.
  4. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the videos must have 180000 minutes of watch time in the past 60 days.

3. In-Stream Ads

Another key aspect of having a good monetization feature from Facebook is such that it allows you to get the in-stream ads as well. The term in-stream adds for a quick revenue generation model. This in-stream ad refers to the fact that the ads that are played during a video. As a result, it only gets played while you are streaming a video. The in-stream ads function similarly to the function of YouTube and in-stream ads which can get easily placed in the video.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the eligibility standards of the video while you are playing such ads. The in-stream ads function similarly to the ad placement options and different niches that come along with the video. Nowadays you can promote your live stream and ask users to send you stars which you can convert with money. There are many ways that you can use for your stream and make it popular, one of the effective ways is to get Fb live streaming viewers from social media promotion services as per your need. With this simple method, you can buy any number of live viewers instantly.

There are three different kinds of ads that are available on Facebook which provides a great result. The first one is the pre-roll ads which gets features just before the video starts. The next one is the mid-roll ads which can get features during the video. This ads play during the specific intervals during the video. You can choose the automatic placement or can create the placement according to your needs. It is important that you keep all the eligibility criteria in mind before creating any content. Monetizing Facebook Videos can be much easier if you follow these steps mentioned above to get the desired results.

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