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Most Expensive UK Number Plates from the Latest Auction

You may be aware that the DVLA issues new number plates at various times throughout the year. Let’s have a look at some of the most costly and amusing number plates sold at the most recent DVLA auction, beginning with Satan.

DEV 1L – £240,010

The extra expensive DEV 1L is the ideal private number plate if you want to say “Devil,” which is presumably why it costs so much. To be honest, we didn’t think the DMV would even accept this one since they usually reject any contentious registrations. We didn’t expect it to go for that much either; a massive £240,010.

When you have the complete set of six, this puts it well ahead of the competition by a long shot, and it was either Lucifer himself who made the purchase or someone with an awful lot of cash to burn.

456 JR – £37,010

This is the most unusual way to display your initials on our list. It’s not quite as exotic as DEV 1L, but it still attracted a very high price during the auction. If your initials are JR (check the name at the bottom of this article… Maybe next time, eh! ), this one isn’t as exotic as DEV 1L.

Had the money been offered to him, he probably would have accepted it. Certainly more than anybody’s yearly pay, some JR was being beaten on this one!

BTC 80Y – £35,010

BTC, on the other hand, is a far more popular cryptocurrency than its counterpart BCH. At this point in time, however, people just know it as “Bitcoin.” That’s because BTC stands for Bitcoin, the world’s most widely accepted cryptocurrency token. That’s one of the previous cars on their block. Someone must have gotten into the cryptocurrency game early and be able to afford this one, so much so that they want to advertise about it as they drive around in their (probably) very pricey automobile.

115 LAM – £32,020

The letter “I” is not permitted on UK registrations except for Irish number plates, which explains why plates with the number “1” are so popular for spelling words like “Islam.” This is the case with this plate’s buyer, who nearly perfectly spells out the term “Islam,” as it does.

This buyer’s apparent devotion to the Muslim religion runs in direct opposition to the plate on the top of the list! It’s also a good bet it’s just a name, given that there are only around 12 million people with “Islam” as a last name and slightly over 825 thousand with “Islam” as a forename.

841 G – £30,000

As it has only one letter in it, this was always going to be an expensive registration. It’s almost certainly why it received such a large hammer price; we have to confess, the design is fantastic.

RU22 ELL – £27,610

Another one for me (I’m a poet), this Russell plate was sold at this year’s number plate auction for an unbelievable price. Given that it is literally the perfect spelling of Russell, which is almost certainly the buyer’s first name or last name, it isn’t surprising.

11 SSP – £25,010

Do you prefer statutory sick pay or a set of initials? Whatever your preference, the buyer of this number plate was willing to spend an incredible £25,010 on it.

414 M – £24,210

Number 8 on our list, which reads “Alam,” is a fairly common Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Malay male name.

The word Alam has several meanings in different languages, such as “world” and “universe” in English to “knowledge” and “field of interest.” Given the price paid for this private number plate, the meaning behind whoever purchased it may be “completely loaded,” according to one online translation.

1 THM – £22,610

1 plates are always costly, especially when the 1 is on its own on the registry. In fact, the most expensive number plate in the world is literally “1” and can be found in the United Arab Emirates. It was purchased by Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri for £7.25 million in 2008.

This one (got it?) wouldn’t be lawful in the United Kingdom, so the buyer of 1 THM bought this one for over 22k.

4 XRP – £22,010

Another cryptocurrency token, XRP is part of the Ripple network and is a direct competitor to Bitcoin. When it comes to vehicle number plates, XRP is a potential rival to Bitcoin with a less expensive price tag (apparently).

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