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Neighborhood Food Outlets: A Major Catalyst Behind Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study has made some groundbreaking revelations where it is revealed that the people who live in neighborhoods where there are no fast-food chains and there are healthy food options available around are very less likely to get infected by type 2 diabetes. This study was performed only by keeping in mind the urban population.

The study was conducted in such a way that firstly the data of all the restaurants were collected of past 5 years and their number was closely observed. The elements like age, gender, and sex were also considered during the conduction of the study. 

The results when observed revealed that the people of other ethnicities were seen keenly and when observed. It turned out that there was a drastic change in the result. The lower amounts of diabetes were seen in people who were from the non-Hispanic background. 

What actually is type 2 diabetes? 

According to the experts of horizon hospital, it is a lifelong disease that affects your body badly. Hence It doesn’t let the body keep insulin as it must be and that is how it makes the body stay away from functioning normally. Middle ages and people who are close to getting old are more likely to get this disease. This one is known as adult-onset diabetes. So its also affects kids of smaller ages and the main culprit, in that case, is the unhealthy diet and childhood obesity. 

The common  symptoms of the diabetes type 2 include;

  • Being agitated all the time
  • Feeling of thirst even after consuming plenty of water
  • Numbness in hands and feet
  • The delayed healing of wounds 
  • It gets very easy for you to catch Infections

Major causes of type 2 diabetes

The hormone insulin is produced in the pancreas. The main task here is to convert the glucose and the sugar that you get from food into energy. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes do make insulin but it gets very difficult for them to use it. The cells refuse to use them.

The pancreas tries and produces more insulin so that it can make the cells consume it but when it is not utilized properly,  the glucose starts to build up in the blood and starts with the damage. Usually, there is no one defined cause of diabetes type 2. It is a mixture of a number of reasons that pile up to cause this disease. These may include:

Metabolic syndrome:

People with insulin resistance usually have issues with their metabolic systems. Therefore it can be many conditions that the person is facing, like high blood sugar levels, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels.

Poor Communication among cells:

Oftentimes this happens that the cells start to give wrong signals to the cells around them. And most of the time it gets very difficult for the cells to pick up the signals. This problem can affect the reaction of the body in so many ways that it starts to affect the make and use of insulin and glucose. There are certain chain reactions that occur afterward that affect the communication among the cells.

Extra Fat:

If a person is overweight, there are high chances that the body will show resistance towards it. If the extra weights are on the lower side of the body there are high chances that the body will show resistance in communicating. The message correctly and causing diabetes type 2.

Damaged Beta Cells:

Hence if the cells that are responsible for the production of insulin send the wrong amount needed at the wrong time the blood sugar gets thrown off and this can cause serious disturbances leading to diabetes. The blood sugar when gets high can damage the other normal functions pretty bad.

Too much glucose production:

When the liver starts to produce more glucose than needed in times when the blood sugar gets low. Whenever a person eats the blood sugar level shoots up and the liver slows down and stores it to use later. But it is not the case for everyone. Therefore some people, the liver doesn’t perform this function and keeps on chalking out sugar.


Type 2 diabetes can be very deadly and should be taken care of timely. The above research suggests the right thing to do, which is to stop the use of fast food.

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