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Netgear Router Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide

Table of Contents not working ? So you have tried everything to fix issues with your Netgear router but nothing worked? No more frustration! Here is A-Z guide for Netgear router troubleshooting which helps you fix the issues with your netgear router login Continue reading.

Common Issues with Netgear Router and Their Fixes

Can’t Configure Netgear Router

One of the most common Netgear router issues is that users are unable to configure their device and not working. The only reason of this issue is that users are unaware of the complete configuration steps or not following the exact instructions. That’s why we are providing here the complete and exact steps to configure Netgear router for internet connection. Let’s see what are these steps:

1. Connect your modem to the router and PC to any LAN port.

2. Turn off the modem, router and computer and then turn them on again.

3. Wait for a few seconds and let all the devices boot up properly.

4. Launch any web browser and type or IP address in the URL bar.

5. If the login page doesn’t open, use http:// before the IP address. However, in case you are still unable to access the routerlogin page, get in touch with the experts.

6. Once you are on the login page of, enter the username and password.

7. Select yes and then click on the next button.

8. A new pop up will appear.

9. Click on the next button once again.

10. The router will save the settings.

Congrats! Your Netgear router has been configured and you can now login to netgear router. Clicking on the router status option will show you whether you are connected to the internet or not. After that, keep in mind to update your router firmware to the latest version.

Netgear Router Login Not Working

Looking to fix your Netgear wireless router not working problem? Well, we can help you! Let us first tell you that there is no need to reset your Netgear wireless router to troubleshoot this issue. It can be resolved by following some Netgear basic troubleshooting steps. To our surprise, most of the router connectivity issues can be fixed just by doing a simple power cycle or reboot. So consider the router reset as the last option.

Here are the basic Netgear router troubleshooting tips to fix Netgear problem:

1. Unplug the power cables of your router and internet modem and wait for some time. Thereafter, plug them into an electrical outlet.

2. Also, don’t forget to restart your computer.

3. Check the internet LED on your modem. If it is visible, it means there is no issue with the modem and you are receiving the internet connection from your ISP side.

4. Now, take an Ethernet cable and connect the computer to modem.

5. Remember to restart your computer as well as modem after making the wired connection.

6. Once done, try accessing the internet on your computer. If it works fine, it means all the three components – Ethernet cable, modem and computer are working up to the mark.

7. On the off chance that this testing fails, contact us by replying to this post.

Netgear Router Connection Reset Problems

Getting ‘connection has been reset’ error while trying to access router setup page? The error pop-up comes up so fast as if there is something that actively denying the connection. And no matter which browser you use, the message continues to appear. Also, whether you use,, or, you get the Netgear router connection reset issue. The possible solution to this problem is to reset your Netgear router to the default factory settings either by hard reset or soft reset. Here’s how to do so.

Soft Reset

• Make a reliable connection between the Netgear wireless router and computer.

• Use or IP address to log in to your router.

• Input the username and password.

• Go to backup settings and click on erase button.

Thus, your router has reset all its settings to their factory default values. Now, it may ask you for reboot. So power cycle your device as well as modem and try setting up the Netgear router once again.

Hard Reset

The soft reset didn’t work for you? Worry not as we have another way to reset your Netgear router i.e. hard reset.

All you have to do is simply press the reset button on your router. You can use any pen or paperclip to press this button. When the light starts blinking, restart your router and try to set it up again.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

• Reboot your router, modem as well as computer

• Use the safe mode of your web browser

• Disable the host file

• Connect your computer directly to the router

• Scan for malware on your PC

• Check if the static IP is correct

• Disable the antivirus and Windows Firewall that you use

• Try to re-install LAN drivers

• Delete the web browser cache, cookies and history

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