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Nutrition mistakes you are making with your tween

Pre-teens or teenagers have different nutrition requirements. At this age, body is growing rapidly. They need more food for growth and development. Moreover, tweens are also a bundle of energy, sprinting from one place to another. To supplement their heightened energy, body needs to be well-fed.

Nutrition mistakes you are making with your tween

However, the right kind of nutrition is also important. If the children are eating unhealthy and junk food, then their body only gets calories, and none of the nutrition.

Moreover, lack of adequate nutrition also posits the chance of deficiency diseases, that require the expertise of the Best Child specialist in Lahore then.

Therefore, it is vital to know the common mistakes that you might be making with your tween. Remedying is not just important for their health, but better growth and development as well.

Here are common dietary mistakes that might be jeopardizing your tween’s growth:

Consumption of too many calories

Yes, your child is growing, and needs energy for the essential processes to aid the process of growth, but that does not mean that you overdo with feeding them. Moreover, often, children eat food that is rich in calories, but empty in terms of nutrients.

Sweets, candies, and soda packs calories in terms of sugar, but offer nothing otherwise to your child. Similarly, packaged milk and sugary cereal, that most people deem healthy, also has too many calories due to high sugar content.

Eating calorie-rich food increases the risk of obesity. While yes, your child should not have to worry about society standards of being thin, but when it comes to the matters of health, you must be vigilant.

Childhood obesity mostly follows through adulthood as well. It leads to physical ailments like heart disease, diabetes, joint pain etc. Moreover, obesity also risks mental health as well.

Eating without realizing the nutritional value

You cannot expect the tweens to make themselves a cheese omelet whenever they are hungry. Naturally, they will grab the most convenient thing on the go. Often, such quick to grab items are composite of junk food.

A bottle of soda, a packet of chips, a candy bar are some of the common food choices that they make. This is something that needs to be remedied. Parents need to then remove such junk food from their pantry.

Instead, stock up on healthy food items like nuts, yogurt, fruits, vegetables. Use healthier spreads like nut butter instead of the chocolate spreads are loaded with sugar, and nothing else.

Not drinking enough milk

Tweens are notorious, much like teenagers, for being picky eaters. Therefore, many tweens are not into the habit of drinking enough milk. Perhaps they don’t like the taste of it, or maybe it’s the smell that bothers them.

However, since their bones and teeth are still growing, therefore, they need to drink sufficient milk. You can also supplement their calcium needs by adding more yogurt and cheese to their diet.

Not enough fruits and vegetables

Children generally tend to not like vegetables. However, eating enough fruits and vegetables is very important. They not only carry the requisite fiber, but also are rich in micronutrients alongside carrying antioxidants.

Greens are especially important, as they are full of fiber, iron, and antioxidants that are imperative for health.

Not knowing what to eat

The lack of knowledge about what to eat is also very important, and unfortunately, many parents and tweens are unaware of what to eat. Both should hence take steps to learn what is better for them.

During the growth years, the requirement for certain nutrients is important. For example, since their bones are still growing, they have greater need for calcium and vitamin D.

Therefore, it is pertinent that such nutrients be given to the tween. If you are aware of what nutrients are necessary for your child, you should consult the Best Child specialist then.





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