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Known as periorbital edema, puffy eyes occur when the area around the eyes becomes swollen. It may afflict one or both eyes. Essentially, the inflammation causes the fluid in the eye to build up, that the cause the puffiness.

There are many different causes for puffy eyes. We have all experienced them after lack of quality shuteye.

Similarly, we might rub at our eyes too much or too harshly, that might also lead to the puffiness. Bouts of crying can also be behind the puffiness.

However, there are many serious causes of puffiness of the eyes. Therefore, do not make lightly of the situation. Instead, visit your doctor whom you can book via oladoc.com.

Causes of puffy eyes


Aging can also be the reason for the periorbital edema. As we age, our muscles keeping the skin taut become loose. Due to this, the skin starts to sag, and the fat layer below the skin tissue then gives the appearance of puffiness.


Your allergies may very well be behind your puffy eyes. When you are undergoing an allergic reaction, there occurs inflammation around your eyes that then leads to fluid buildup. Some people have seasonal allergies due to which their eyes may only be puffy during certain time of the year.


Your diet may also be the reason for the puffiness in your eyes. Periorbital edema becomes more common when you body retains water, that may be promoted by your diet. Salt plays an important role here as it promotes water retention in the body.

Other than table salt, there are other ways that sodium sneaks into our diets. Processed food, crisps, sauces etc. are some ways that we overconsume salt, unbeknownst to us.

Moreover, consuming too much of alcohol can also lead to increased fluid retention, therefore puffiness of the eyes.


Many diseases can also promote the formation of puffiness around the eyes. One such problem is periorbital cellulitis, which is a condition that causes inflammation of the eyelid, consequently promoting the formation of puffy orbit around the eyes.

Moreover, Chagas disease can also cause periorbital edema. Trichinosis, conjunctivitis, nephrotic syndrome, and skin disorders can also lead to puffy eyes.

Dysfunctional tear glands

When our tear glands become clogged, it may also lead to inflammation around the eyes. This then causes periorbital edema.


Some people may also have a propensity towards puffy eyes due to their genetics. Alongside dark circles, they may also have greater chances of having periorbital edema.

Trauma to the eyes

Injury to the eye around the socket can also lead to inflammation and the subsequent puffiness of the eyes.

Treating puffy eye

The treatment of puffy eyes is contingent on the underlying cause of the problem. However, there are some commonly employed helpful approaches that include:

Home remedies

You can try to depuff your eyes by using a cold compress. You can either use a cool cucumber or washcloth. Be sure to sit straight when employing the latter.


For people who suffer from puffiness due to allergies, making requisite changes to account for your lifestyle is important. It is pertinent that you avoid contact with an allergen, which might mean a certain level of cleanliness, being extra careful about going outdoors if you have pollen allergy, etc. Loading up on the antihistamines when you come in contact with the allergen is also helpful.

You also need to account for sodium in your diet to prevent water retention. Make sure to limit your salt intake, start to read labels, and try to opt for home-cooked meals in which you can determine the quantity of sodium being added.

As smoking and drinking can also lead to this condition, it is pertinent that you refrain from these activities.

If, however, some eye problem is behind the puffiness, you should stick to the advice dispensed by your Eye specialist in Islamabad.

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