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Reasons to Add Additional Outlets

When you are all set with your interiors, your furniture correctly placed, and your kitchen equipment is all positioned, suddenly you notice that you want to plug in a lamp, but the outlet is very far away. The design of your rooms will get doomed when you use an extension cord to reach the lamp. This is when you require installing additional designer wall outlets.

Remove Clutter:

When additional outlets are installed in your convenient positions, you are not required to spread cords all over the floor. This keeps the room tidy by avoiding clutter. Rearranging the room’s overall look improves when all the cords and wires are either hidden or very unnoticeable with the additional outlets.


When you have added outlets according to your convenience, you are not required to arrange the furniture to reach the outlets far away from the device you want to plug in. For example, you are not required to connect the outlet for charging your phone, which is far from your favorite couch. The additional outlet installed near your couch can function well for charging your phone.

Sufficient Power:

Due to the digital revolution, you will find the electronic version of almost everything. For using the technology, several devices are used, which need to be plugged in. The traditional outlets may not suffice the further use of technological devices. So, to provide an adequate power supply, additional designer wall outlets are required.


Not only in the living room, but additional outlets may also be required in the kitchen. Safety protocols need to be adequately maintained in the kitchen and the bathroom, where water usage is more. When you do not have sufficient outlets, you may pull the cords from one end to the other, and contact with water is very normal in this case. So to prevent contact with water, which can be very dangerous, additional outlets must be installed in convenient places. The additional outlets are placed in such a position that the device can be plugged in very near to the outlets. This is also the safest option for the house where there are children. When the kids see any long wires or cords, they tend to touch and pull them, which may be very dangerous. So, additional outlets can prevent the children from getting into electrical accidents.

Keep Up With Time:

Many modern outlets have USB ports installed. The mobile phones and the chargers require USB charging, and if the additional panel can include the USB ports, you can remain stress-free. When you are adding an extra spot for any particular device, the spots can also be utilized when you are adding devices in the future. Thus the additional outlets can help with plugins for more devices in the future.


The additional designer wall outlets are convenient, which help in keeping the room tidy without any clutter. When the cords are short, there remains no risk of being touched or pulled by the children. Thus the additional outlets are a safe electrical option for your abode.

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