In a general sense, a case study essay is a paper about a case from practice that clearly demonstrates a theory or phenomenon.

Simple Tips on How to Write a Case Study Essay

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In a general sense, a case study essay is a paper about a case from practice that clearly demonstrates a theory or phenomenon. Case studies are common in educational programs. They allow you to visually tell about any event. Cases are often used in medicine, law, and marketing. It is in these areas that it is important to study precedents and draw conclusions from them.

Marketing has been able to use case studies not only to educate marketers but has benefited from it. How? Now let’s talk about this as well as how to write a case study essay.

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What is a case study essay in marketing?

In marketing, there are two types of case studies:

  • for staff,
  • for potential clients.

Case studies for employees are a detailed statement of the problem. For example, when a company comes to order a brand book, agencies prepare a description of the organization itself, its intended positioning, possible reputation problems, strengths, and weaknesses, etc. This is necessary, so that agency employees understand what they will work with. The technology is also used in business training for employees. The case study describes the problem and a brief background about the organization. Training participants must solve the problem.

The type of case study for potential clients is, in fact, a report on completed projects and solved tasks, which are presented in an understandable and interesting form. In this article, we are interested in this particular species.

How to write a case study essay? What does it consist of?

Despite the fact that the case can be presented in different ways, its structure is quite stable. The size of the case study depends on the amount of information and visual possibilities. Let’s try to give a brief instruction/guide for writing a case study.

Before we move on to listing the parts of the case study, it is worth saying that before preparing the text, you need to determine the audience for which you will write the case study. Depending on whether you are writing for specialists in your profession or clients who are unfamiliar with the nuances of your work, the language used in the text depends. For professionals, you can use the terms, but for beginners, you will need to explain the basic processes more or, conversely, omit some details.

And now let’s talk about the tips:

  1. Description of the customer. Any case study begins with getting to know the customer. If it is a large company, just say its name and what it does. Sometimes organizations do not allow their name to be advertised. In this situation, it is enough to simply describe the type of activity of the organization. If your customer is an individual, then you should not go into too much detail. It is not interesting. An exception can only be a famous person.
  2. Describe the problem or desire. As we said, the case study is most often made on the basis of an unusual order. Interesting tasks always begin with a problem or interesting wishes of the customer. Briefly describe the requirements.
  3. State the purpose of the project. These two notorious elements are especially important for case studies. First, after describing the company and the problem, you need to show the reader the vector along which the further description will move. Secondly, the goal is not always superficial. Sometimes the layman needs to be explained the goal you have highlighted.
  4. Describe the work process. This is the largest part of the case study. It can reflect the research that you need to do, step-by-step work. If, in the process of work, you encounter problems, they also need to be reflected. Not all project work goes smoothly. There is no need to hide the difficulty. For professionals, this is interesting, as they, too, may encounter these problems. Potential customers will be able to appreciate your professionalism in unusual circumstances.

A case study essay is a great opportunity to talk about your work and show professionalism. Case studies may include the names of customer companies. Be sure to coordinate with them the release of the case study and the final text. Also, do not be afraid to ask customers to share their cases on social networks or the website.

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