Still Got Blocked Sewer Pipes in Your Home? Call in the Experts

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There is never a convenient time for a pipe to clog in your house. Most of the time, these obstructions can be cleared without calling a Sydney emergency plumber. The situation is different, though, if the main sewer line is the issue. Without expert assistance, the situation cannot improve because it is urgent. Feeling stressed and overburdened is simple when the main pipelines back up and sewage begins to fill your home. If you believe you have a blocked sewer pipe at home, New Life Plumbing can guide you through the proper procedures to follow.

Symptoms of a Blocked Main Sewer Line

It’s crucial to be able to spot the warning symptoms of blocked drains and pipes so that you can perhaps address the issue before it becomes worse. These indicators include: The water in your shower or bathtub will suddenly start to flow when you flush the toilet. If you use your washing machine, on the other hand, your sink can begin to overflow. These are blatant indications that there is a blockage or other problem with your main sewer line.

The Issue with Do It Yourself

You cannot utilize any sewer in your house if you have a blocked sewer pipe. It’s critical to take control of this right away. Because the main line crosses your property and goes to the main city line, trying to repair it yourself is futile. Since an auger or drain snake can’t get that far, the issue is probably a broken pipe or a major obstruction that can’t be cleared with regular tools.

What You May Do to Support

Clean It Up:

Although you cannot remove the obstruction yourself, you must clean up any wastewater and prevent anyone from entering the contaminated areas. Bacteria and other microbes found in sewage have the potential to infect and sicken people. Do not disregard the issue. It won’t go away, and everyone around is at serious risk for health.

Avoid Using Drain Cleaner:

Avoid attempting to clear a clogged sewer line using a drain cleaner. It won’t work and might even make the situation worse. Drain cleaner’s highly corrosive chemicals have already eaten through older pipes, resulting in additional damage.

Turn off the water supply:

More sewage corroborating into the house is the last thing you need. It’s simple to overlook the issue, especially if you have kids at home. They will try to flush the toilet or use the sink, which will exacerbate the backup issue.

Until a plumber clears the obstruction, turn off the water supply to the house. Turning off the water prevents other household members from utilizing it, exacerbating the issue.

Talk to a plumber:

Call a plumber once everyone is secure and the mess has been cleaned up. In order to identify the clog’s cause and location, they’ll want to conduct a sewer camera check.

Concerned about your Sydney blocked sewage pipes? Call New Life Plumbing.

We hope you found the material on our page to be helpful and that you now feel more knowledgeable about the drainage systems on your property and the skills of our staff.

First, we thoroughly analyse your clogged drains and do tests to identify the specific location of the drain that is impacted. We will then give you information about the state of your drains and the root of the issue.

Our staff will subsequently describe the procedure for identifying and resolving the problem. The expenses to perform the job will then be given, along with a thorough price with choices. Please be aware that our fees are determined by the specific project, not by the number of hours required to complete it. We will start and complete the task neatly and properly once you give us the go-ahead.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any questions about our blocked drain services for residential properties or stormwater. Our staff is ready to handle any clogged drains in Sydney and the nearby areas since we are available 24/7 for emergency and routine plumbing repairs.

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