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Storage hacks for camper trailers


There are quite some interests in possessing a camper trailer, mainly its ease in pulling along. Of course, it could be demanding to go with loads of things you’d want, but camper trailers are comparably little.

Well, if you have been faced with storage issues on camper trailer accessories, let your worries lie, as this article will provide the best easy-to-follow hack for storing your possessions. And be assured of maximum fun all through your outdoor trip.

Best storage means for your camper trailers

  • Create confines: If you have a vast area in your camper trailer, things will scatter and perhaps get damaged while on a trip. The best option to avoid this is by sectioning the space into parts by creating confines to store some of your stuff. This will help your possessions be in good hands and provide easy access when needed.
  • Kitchen cabinets: For a camper trailer, kitchen cabinets could do a lot of magic than you could imagine. These kitchen cabinets could be essential means of storage.

Initially, these cabinets were built to preserve kitchen items used for cooking, cleaning, and other things. But should you find your kitchen cabinets still contain more space? Definitely! You could use it to preserve non-kitchen things.

  • Detachable shelves: A vital means to maximally use space is to hang some shelves and cupboards to the side of the camper trailers. The shelves don’t occupy much space but can provide you with lots of space to preserve your stuff.

 You could preferably use sticking shelves if you don’t want to bore holes into your trailer.

  • Storage containers beneath the trailers: You could make containers to accommodate and preserve your stuff, including camping gear; items like tent poles can be placed beneath the trailer.
  • Make use of big seal bags: Camper trailer storage containers are a vital means to use your space and keep them in order maximally.

This is another means to save your stuff if you cannot use shelves or cupboards. Storage bags could help preserve spaces for toiletries; one fascinating thing about storage bags is that they could be piled together.

And also, you could preserve your clothes in denial bags with ziplock if you don’t want molds on them.

  • Appropriately keep your clothes: Whatever method you think would preserve your clothes from folding to hanging or in vacuum bags as this would provide adequate space. However, clothes that you know will take up space shouldn’t be brought to camping; this also includes clothes you are assured they aren’t needed, or you are assured you aren’t going to wear.

Ensure to fold your clothes tightly in square-shaped form.

  • Save items in your vehicle: There are space units in camper trailers that you have to use maximally. Before packing your camper trailer, ensure to dislodge any item that isn’t essential for your trip.
  • Collapsible items: If possible for you, you could get collapsible items along your trip as this will help you deal with limited space units.

These items could be easily stored away when not in use; more so, they don’t even take much space. In addition, your collapsible items could be set up within and without your camper trailers. For instance, a collapsible dish rack that could be folded up will help maximize your space and give you fewer worries.


Several storage hacks could help you enjoy the best adventures with camper trailers. And get every necessary stuff you would want for your outdoor trip, with fewer worries about how to get your things together.

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