The Art Of Mixing Metals: 8 Tips To Get You Started

The Art Of Mixing Metals: 8 Tips To Get You Started

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A whole lot of trends going on in the fashion industry, one that caught our eye was the mixing of metal jewelry. It is something that can never go out of trend, it has been there for ages, and we have been using gold with silver and gold with diamonds. But there is another significant aspect about this whole thing that may make and break your look altogether. 

Matching different metals needs time and practice, we need to keep experimenting if we want to get the look that we all are dreaming of. It is important to know the rules of mixing and matching before you get started with experimenting. So come hop in and know the 8 tips you can understand to match your jewelry in a better way. 

  • How And Where To Place The Metal

Placing your jewelry on the right part of your body is necessary to get the whole look right. You should not experiment on all parts of your body when you’re experimenting with your look. Be specific and focus on only your neck or fingers, ears or wrists. Your stack will appear purposeful and balanced if you do it this way. Although you can still wear jewelry in other places, you might wish to restrict excessive layering to one region. You can wear rings and bracelets that highlight gold chains color, for instance, if you combine multiple different toned necklaces.

  • Separately Stack Them

The skill of layering jewelry requires the use of various textures and materials. We advise staying away from bulky, hefty materials because stacking them can look sloppy very quickly. There is also a possibility to experiment with white gold and rose gold. 

So when you go to buy gold chains make sure you pick thin chains with intriguing features for necklaces. Perhaps one necklace is a plain chain, another has a few little diamonds, and a third includes a charm. Try out various lengths, but always keep in mind your shirt’s neckline because what looks good with one top won’t necessarily look good with another.

Separately Stack Them

  • Make Them Blend In 

When combining metals, it can be simple to go all-in on yellow, white, and rose gold. However, incorporating other distinctive items within the mixture can aid in fusing various colored components. Attractive touches may give your jewelry game a lively twist, from gleaming diamonds and vintage beading to neon and glossy enamel. It’s easy to put together a coherent style by selecting jewelry with minimal metal, like solitaire diamond pieces, tennis bracelets, and engagement rings.

  • Bring Similarity To Your Look

When mixing metals for the first time, we advise choosing a consistent style rather than combining delicate and chunky jewelry designs. Instead, stick to plating combinations. For instance, instead of aiming for a bulky silver chain, you might start by adding a small silver pendant if you often wear dainty gold necklaces.

  • Add A Combination Piece

The outfit is simple to put together if you use a single piece of jewelry that already combines the metals you’re mixing. So, if you’re wearing a necklace that’s made of both gold and silver, pair it with earrings or rings of the same metal. Having a piece that combines metals makes it simple to pair with other jewelry that matches the color and style. Our silver bar and gold chain necklace are stunning examples, as are our gold and silver bar earrings.

  • Don’t Forget To Make It Visually Attractive

Put some effort into how to make combining metals appear good. Make sure the pieces you select fit your style and go well together. Starting with predominantly one metal and then adding a tiny bit of the other is a solid strategy. To change things up, add a gold bracelet in a similar style if your jewelry is primarily silver.

  • Balance Is Necessity

A solid rule of thumb is to balance the number of metal items you wear when wearing various metal styles. It can’t be good to add only gold and silver together. If you enjoy wearing bracelets, choose one or two of each type of metal rather than four gold bracelets and a silver ring. For a cohesive style, try to blend metals consistently throughout the ensemble, such as rose gold and silver bracelets with gold necklaces.

  • Change According To Time

Now that you are a master at combining metals, it’s time for the challenging decision: rose gold, silver, or both. There are several factors to take into account while picking a plating, regardless of whether you wear more than one or merely one. Even though you may have always preferred gold, adding silver to the mix may look better with your skin tone or hair color! It’s time to try out our advice on selecting a plate according to your attire, complexion, and occasion.

End Note

When you are trying to mix and match different types of jewelry the first thing that you need to remember is; to choose the best color. Whether you would like to blend in the crowd or be the center of attractions. Another important part is to consider the necklines, makeup look, and skin tone. All the colors and metals depending on the type of skin tone you have.

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